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[industry Expo Automotive New Materials Forum] Tongpeng Metal invites you to participate in the 2020 China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum
Sep 14,2020 14:40CST
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Lightweight, intelligent, lean, green

September of golden autumn, a big hit!

During the reform period of the "four modernizations of the automobile", intelligent network connection, new energy, lightweight and intelligent manufacturing entered the field of the automobile industry, and the automobile era was reinterpreted. The surging changes require the industry to continue to integrate and innovate, and quickly promote the development rate of automobile enterprises. With the emergence of self-driving and intelligent cars, Internet companies, which are not active in the automotive field, have more opportunities to show their talents; the double points policy is becoming an important driving force for the development of China's new energy vehicle industry; in the face of environmental constraints, car companies speed up the application of advanced lightweight components and technologies to achieve vehicle weight loss. With the continuous promotion of the strategies of "Industrial 4.0" and "made in China 2025", intelligent manufacturing has become a new challenge of upgrading and transformation.

In order to accelerate the application of automobile lightweight and product line, under the guidance of Shanghai Economic and Information Commission and Shanghai Federation of Industry and economy, focus on the development direction of the industry, discuss material solutions together, and build an excellent automobile industry chain (raw materials-parts-whole vehicle factory) exchange and cooperation platform. The 2020 (second) China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum was jointly held by Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Association, Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineering and Shanghai Nonferrous Network during the Shanghai Industrial Expo on September 17-18. Colleagues from domestic and foreign automotive materials technology and market are invited to attend. Recommend automotive materials manufacturer-Dongguan Taimingtong Metal products Co., Ltd.

Tongpeng Group-- Dongguan Taimingtong Metal products Co., Ltd.

Company profile

Founded in 1948, Japan News Agency has successively set up metal circulation subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Dongguan, Shanghai, South Korea, the Philippines and other Asian countries and regions. Dongguan factory was set up in 1996, and 20,000 square meters of land was purchased in 2000. Xing self-built Industrial Park, opened in early 2003, is currently the largest metal strip cutting and processing center in Asia. And passed the high-tech enterprise certification in 2017.

The main business is all kinds of copper alloy strip (such as beryllium copper, C7025, titanium copper, phosphorus copper, stainless steel, etc.), tin / nickel electroplating, stainless steel strip, special-shaped material strip sales and precision cutting processing, widely used in automotive, new energy, charging piles, AI intelligence, Internet of things, electronics, 5G communications, medical and other industries.

Since its inception, the continuous pursuit of excellent quality, the use of Japanese-style management combined with self-developed ERP system management mode, workshop 24-hour constant temperature and humidity control, the whole process using bar code management, can effectively feed, process, Shipping (QR code) and after-sales service and other links for effective management and tracking, the company has been adhering to the integrity-based, excellence, customer-oriented business policy and philosophy, in suppliers and customers to establish a good reputation and popularity.

Our advantages

1. There are many high-quality suppliers.

Have close cooperation and exchanges with global suppliers, especially Japanese and South Korean suppliers, to ensure a stable and rich variety of products

two。 High machining precision & wide range

16 high precision slitting machines, capable of cutting materials and electroplating materials, processing range thickness: 0.03mm to 7.0mm, maximum slitting width 650mm, minimum slitting width 1 mm, minimum width tolerance 0.02mm

3. Processing of special profiles (thick and thin)

6 sets of profile processing equipment, machinable range thickness: 0.15mm to 4.0mm, width 5mm~160mm

4. High standards, high requirements: independent research and development of ERP system and Japanese-style management system

Long-term employment of Japanese industry experts for technical guidance, independent research and development of ERP management system, bar code management throughout the process, which can effectively manage and track all aspects such as feeding, manufacturing process, shipment and after-sales service.

5. The largest slitting center in Asia

There are many kinds and quantity of slitting processing equipment, with a monthly production capacity of more than 2000 tons, 24H constant temperature and humidity management, warehouse capacity of more than 5000 tons, its own logistics fleet.

6. High level of automation, stable quality and fast delivery

There are sufficient raw material inventory, automatic flow operation, experienced operators to meet the needs of customers in short delivery period, delivery in 1-3 days at the earliest.

7. There are various ways of trading.

Flexible and diverse transaction methods, such as bonded, domestic RMB, export, etc.

8. Flexible order correspondence

Flexible production scheduling, can undertake samples, small batch orders

The main business includes the following five items:

First, special-shaped (thick and thin) wood processing:

6 sets of special-shaped processing equipment, output: 1 million 200 tons / month, plans to increase to 10 sets of equipment in 2024, processing capacity increased by 2 to 3 times; a wide range of machinable materials, such as beryllium copper, titanium copper, phosphorus copper, brass, copper, white copper, C7025, C194 and other copper alloys, aluminum, iron, stainless steel and other materials; Processing range: thickness 0.15mm 4.0mm, width: 5mm 160mm, finished products are widely used in 5G communications, electronic connectors, automotive terminals, special parts, car keys, semiconductors, power tools, power plugs and other fields.

Second, high precision cutting of metal strip / plate:

Can cut all kinds of copper alloy strips, such as beryllium copper, titanium copper, white copper, special copper alloy, brass, phosphorus copper, copper, nickel, aluminum foil, iron, stainless steel, tin / nickel / silver plating strip and other metal strips, not only can slice materials, but also can cut electroplating materials, such as surface tin plating, nickel plating, silver plating and so on.

There are 16 high-precision slitting machines with a cutting capacity of more than 2000 tons, with a thickness of 0.03 mm to 7.0mm, a width of 1mm to 650mm, a minimum width tolerance of 0.02mm to constant temperature and humidity for 24 hours, and a warehouse capacity of 5000 tons.

Third, high-end copper alloy agents at home and abroad:

Acting Japan, Korea, Germany, Taiwan, domestic and other high-precision copper alloy strip (such as beryllium copper, titanium copper, C18 series, C14415, C7025/C7035/C5240/ phosphorus copper, brass, red copper), RE-FLOW pre-plating material, HOT DIP plating material, nickel strip NI, YEF42 (4J42), aluminum strip, copper-aluminum composite, profile, stainless steel strip, copper-stainless steel composite, plate, etc.

Fourth, metal strip cutting equipment manufacturing:

The R & D and manufacture of high-precision slitting equipment can be customized according to customer needs; our company continues to optimize and innovate in the process of R & D and manufacture of slitting equipment, and applied for and passed high-tech enterprise certification in 2017. there are 16 utility model patents and one invention patent passed in 2019.

Equipment advantages:

The price performance of Japanese technology and China is excellent.

Simple operation, precision, high quality and stability

Occupies less space and has a long service life.

Five. software development and sales in the metal industry:

Combined with more than 10 years of experience in metal processing and MRP system, provide professional and customizable software development services for metal sales and processing industry, including domestic RMB and foreign currency export / transfer order, purchasing, production, inventory, customs, finance, receipt and payment management modules.

Now is the era of resource sharing and win-win cooperation. We hope that through our professional technology and all-round supporting services, we can better serve our customers, including stamping plants, agents and factory material manufacturers, and help them solve the problems of cutting and logistics. Make a modest contribution to the development of the industry!

Contact information

Tel: 0769-89105131max 8790315354 Ext:8231

Fax: 0769-89105130max 87903152

Web site: http://www.tmk-metals.com

Mailbox: sales@tmk-metals.com

Add: no. 55C1, Xihu industrial park, Lin village, Tangxia town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province

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The 2020 China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum braved the wind and waves with the blessing of Tongpeng Metal.

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