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The four major projects of Liugang are advancing in an orderly manner.
Sep 14,2020 13:04CST
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SMM: on Sept. 9, Tang Aibin, deputy director of the State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangxi Autonomous region and member of the party committee, led a team to Liugang Group to conduct research on enterprise reform and development. Pan Shiqing, party committee secretary and chairman of Liugang Group, introduced the relevant situation of Liugang Group.

Pan Shiqing said that since the beginning of this year, the COVID-19 epidemic has had a serious impact on the world economy, and the iron and steel industry is also facing great challenges. According to statistics, the loss area of the iron and steel industry from January to July is 10.23%. In the face of challenges, Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group flexibly adjusted its production plan and maintained sound production and operation. in July, it realized business income of 59.313 billion yuan, an increase of 18.3% over the same period last year, a profit of 1.906 billion yuan, and paid taxes of 1.165 billion yuan. The output of main products of Liuzhou headquarters, Fangchenggang Iron and Steel Base and CICC stainless Steel Base all increased steadily, making positive contributions to the stable economic growth of the autonomous region.

In terms of major project construction: on June 28th, Liugang steel prevention base project (phase I) was put into production, and at present, the production of each system is stable and smooth; CICC nickel-iron smelting project is also planned to be put into production in the fourth quarter; Xingye calcium oxide project (phase I) project will be ignited this month; Wuxuan 2.4 million tons light-burned dolomite project (phase I) project construction is also in an orderly progress.

While ploughing the main iron and steel industry, Liugang Group continues to deepen enterprise reform, diversified industries are developing rapidly, and a new pattern of "flying on both wings" of iron and steel main industry and diversified industries has been gradually formed, and the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises has been enhanced in an all-round way.

In terms of risk prevention and control, Liugang Group has no new operational risks in recent years, and its credit rating has been upgraded to "AAA", the highest credit rating in the country.

Pan Shiqing said that in the next step, Liugang Group will make every effort to do a good job in the development plan of the 14th five-year Plan, and accelerate in accordance with the enterprise vision goal of "building a first-class group, being a world-strong enterprise, creating leading value, and building a century-old brand." strive to enter the world's top 500 during the 14th five-year Plan period and continue to write the development legend of the new era. First, strengthen scientific and technological research and development, create the core industry and characteristic products of Liugang Group, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness. The second is to maintain the sustained and steady development of the enterprise, coordinate and promote each other among the various industries of the group, and form a strong joint force. The third is to further standardize enterprise management and explore a scientific, digital and intelligent management mode. The fourth is to continue to increase the intensity of innovation to stimulate the production vitality of Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group.

Tang Aibin fully affirmed the achievements made by Liugang Group in production, operation and project construction since the beginning of this year. He said: during the epidemic, Liugang Group, as a high-quality enterprise in the autonomous region and even the whole country, while doing a good job in its own production, operation and project construction, actively fulfilled its social responsibility, successively donated more than 30 million yuan to the autonomous region, Liuzhou City, Fangchenggang City, and Yulin City, and sent 12 medical staff from Liuzhou Iron and Steel Hospital to the front line of fighting the epidemic in Hubei, fully demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of large state-owned enterprises, which is admirable.

Tang Aibin put forward three requirements on how to do a good job in the next stage of work.

First, advance planning and scientific formulation of Liugang Group's "14th five-year Plan" development plan to ensure the steady development of the enterprise.

The second is to improve the awareness of innovation, especially to enhance the ability of independent innovation, around their own main products, according to market demand, constantly enhance their own comprehensive strength.

Third, the standard industry is advanced, continue to deepen the reform and re-launch efforts, to provide valuable experience for the reform of state-owned enterprises in Guangxi.

The meeting also appointed Comrade Liu Xu as the full-time external director of the SASAC of the autonomous region stationed in Liugang Group, and watched the promotional film of "Today Liugang".

The SASAC of the autonomous region dispatched Weining, a full-time external director of Liugang Group, the relevant responsible persons of the personnel Department, Policy and regulations Department and Corporate Governance Department of SASAC, and Han Zonggui, deputy secretary of the party committee of Liugang Group. Relevant responsible persons such as the Party work Department, the Company Office, the Audit Law Department, the Investment Planning Department, the Industrial Development Department, and the Operation and improvement Department attended the discussion.

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