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Minmetals of China and Hunan Province deepen enterprise-land cooperation in the development of mineral resources.
Sep 14,2020 10:11CST
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SMM: on Sept. 9, Guo Wenqing, general manager of China Minmetals Group Co., Ltd., deputy secretary of the party group, and chairman of China Metallurgical Group, led a delegation to visit Hunan and called on du Jiahao, secretary of the Hunan Provincial CPC Committee and chairman of the standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial people's Congress. The two sides had exchanges and discussions on further deepening enterprise-land cooperation and promoting the high-quality development of enterprises.

Guo Wenqing thanked du Jiahao for his warm reception and the Hunan provincial party committee and provincial government's support for the development of China Minmetals in Hunan, and briefly introduced the current basic situation of China Minmetals and the main development of enterprises in Hunan. Guo Wenqing pointed out that China Minmetals is committed to building a world-class metal mineral enterprise group, with assets under management of 2.16 trillion yuan and operating income exceeding 600 billion yuan in 2019, ranking 92nd among Fortune 500 enterprises in the world. the competitiveness of enterprises is increasing. China Minmetals attaches great importance to strategic cooperation with Hunan Province. Hunan is the province with the largest strategic layout, the largest total assets, the most complete industrial plate and the most complete industrial chain. At present, the total assets of enterprises in Hunan have reached 204.5 billion yuan. With the full support of the Hunan provincial party committee and provincial government, Zhuzhou smelter has successfully transferred and transformed, and the copper-lead-zinc industry demonstration base has begun to take shape, all of which have achieved good economic and social benefits. in the long run, lithium cathode materials are in the forefront of the same industry in the country. the national new energy material industrial base operates well and achieves full-load production, and the 40,000-ton cathode material project is expected to start in the near future. As the industry headquarters, China Minmetals Building has started construction in Changsha. The smooth progress of these major projects reflects the depth and breadth of cooperation between China Minmetals and Hunan enterprises and lands.

Guo Wenqing stressed: China Minmetals always bear in mind the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches and instructions on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, under the new development pattern of taking the domestic great cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promoting each other, around the "four beams and eight pillars" to do a good job in the main responsibility, and constantly consolidate the foundation of development. China Minmetals is committed to focusing on its own advantages, strengthening the edge and deep prospecting and surrounding prospecting efforts, actively participating in the reshaping of the domestic resource pattern, continuously improving the ability to obtain resources at home, and fully tapping the potential of existing resources. strive to extend the rare earth, antimony, cemented carbide and other industrial chain, actively create a competitive advantage of the whole industrial chain; target world-class mining groups to enhance the professional level of the metal mining industry; We will speed up the integration and integration of resources, increase investment in transportation and municipal infrastructure construction in Hunan Province, and concentrate a large amount of assistance resources into Hunan Province to form several industrial poverty alleviation demonstration bases. further play the demonstration role of poverty alleviation. Guo Wenqing said that China Minmetals hopes to further deepen cooperation with Hunan Province, speed up the landing of existing projects, strengthen business expansion, and help promote Hunan's high-quality economic and social development. at the same time, it is hoped that the Hunan provincial party committee and provincial government will, as always, give support and assistance to China Minmetals enterprises in Hunan, so as to achieve mutual benefit and common development.

Du Jiahao welcomed Guo Wenqing and his entourage, sincerely thanked China Minmetals for helping Hunan Province win the battle against poverty, and reviewed the history of enterprise-land cooperation between Hunan Province and China Minmetals. Du Jiahao pointed out that since the strategic restructuring of China Minmetals and China Metallurgical Group, the strength of enterprises and the influence of the industry have been continuously improved, especially in Hunan enterprises, which have undergone transformational changes through reform and development, and have realized Phoenix Nirvana. I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations on this. The cooperation between Hunan Province and China Minmetals has a long history and has achieved a number of gratifying results, from the reform and restructuring of China Minmetals in Hunan, transformation and relocation, environmental governance to the research and development of new materials, both sides have maintained a good momentum of cooperation. At present, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping at the core, Hunan Province has won phased victories in a series of work, such as fighting against COVID-19, resuming work and production, flood control and drought relief. It will further provide better government services and create a better business environment for China Minmetals enterprises in Hunan. In the future, the Hunan provincial government welcomes to continue to deepen cooperation with China Minmetals in the development of mineral resources, the research, design and construction of major projects such as highways, airports, subways, and so on, and coordinate and solve the problems in the reform and development of enterprises. fully support the development of China Minmetals in Hunan Province.

Zhang Jianfei, member of the standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial CPC Committee and secretary general of the Hunan Provincial CPC Committee, Jiao Jian, deputy general manager of China Minmetals and members of the party group, and Wang Shilei attended the meeting Xu Hongyuan, deputy secretary general and director of the Hunan Provincial CPC Committee, Deng Qunze, secretary of the Hengyang Municipal CPC Committee, Hu Weilin, director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Zhao Ping, director of the Provincial Department of Communications, Ouyangyan, director of the provincial party committee supervision and inspection office, Zhang Xiang, deputy director of the Provincial State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission, responsible persons of relevant headquarters departments of China Minmetals, enterprises directly in charge of Hunan and backbone enterprises attended the meeting.

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