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[macro Prospect] China announces the scale of social financing in August
Sep 11,2020 06:43CST
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SMM9 March 10: today we focus on the scale of social financing in China in August.

The final annual rate of CPI in Germany in August, also known as the Consumer Price Index, is a measure of the price of a fixed consumer goods basket, which mainly reflects the price changes in goods and services paid by consumers. It is also a tool to measure the level of inflation, expressed in the form of percentage change. At the same time, it is also used to measure the price changes of products and services related to the lives of residents.

The scale of social financing in China in August, announced by the people's Bank of China, refers to the stock of money that a country serves for social and economic operation within a certain period of time, which consists of deposit money and cash money supplied by financial institutions, including the central bank.

The US CPI annual rate is not adjusted quarterly in August, which is one of the important indicators of US inflation. The Federal Reserve uses this data to adjust monetary policy, thus affecting the trend of the US dollar exchange rate in the short term.

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