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The State Council deepens the reform of the commercial system to further stimulate the vitality of enterprises.
Sep 10,2020 17:07CST
Source:The State Council
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SMM News: the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the reform of the commercial system. In recent years, the reform of the commercial system has achieved remarkable results, with more convenient market access, continuous improvement of the market supervision mechanism, prosperity and development of market entities, and substantial improvement in the business environment. However, from a nationwide point of view, the phenomenon of "no entry camp" still exists, and the ability of leniency and strict management and coordinated co-governance still needs to be strengthened. In order to better coordinate the prevention and control of COVID-19 's epidemic situation and its economic and social development, speed up the creation of a market-oriented, legalized and international business environment, fully release the potential of social entrepreneurship and innovation, and stimulate the vitality of enterprises, with the consent of the State Council, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

First, promote enterprises to set up the whole process of online management.

(1) to comprehensively promote enterprises to set up "Netcom offices". By the end of 2020, all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps will open a "Netcom Office" platform for enterprises to handle the whole process of start-up online, and further reduce the start-up time of enterprises to four working days or less. On this basis, explore and promote enterprises to set up standardization and standardization pilot projects.

(2) continuously improve the service capacity of enterprises. Relying on the "Netcom Office" platform, implement enterprise registration, official seal engraving, application for invoices and tax control equipment, employee insurance registration, housing provident fund enterprise deposit registration on the "one form" application. Where there are conditions to achieve complete materials offline "one window" at a time, or through mailing, self-help printing and so on to achieve non-meeting processing. Under the premise of strengthening supervision and ensuring safety, we will vigorously promote the use of electronic business licenses, electronic invoices and electronic seals in a wider range of fields.

II. New breakthroughs have been made in promoting the reform of the registration system.

(3) to intensify the reform of registration of domicile and business premises. Support the people's governments at the provincial level to carry out the pilot project of separate registration of domicile and business premises. The main body of the market may register one domicile and multiple places of business. The place where the domicile is registered as a correspondence address and judicial documents (including administrative law enforcement documents) shall be subject to the system of independent declaration and commitment. For business premises, various localities may formulate relevant management measures in the light of actual conditions. For market entities that carry out business activities outside their domicile and fall under the jurisdiction of the same county-level registration authority, they are exempted from setting up branches and can apply for registration of additional business premises to facilitate enterprises to expand their business scale.

(4) to improve the intelligent level of the enterprise name independent declaration system. Standardize the management of enterprise name registration in accordance with the law, use big data, artificial intelligence and other technical means to strengthen the real-time maintenance of the restricted word database, and improve the ability to analyze and identify inappropriate words. Promote the interconnection and sharing with trademarks and other commercial logo databases, and enrich the content of notification tips for enterprises. Explore "enterprise commitment + in-process and post-event supervision" to reduce the manual intervention of "similar name". We will strengthen the protection of brand names of well-known enterprises and establish a mechanism for handling name disputes.

III. Simplifying the production, operation and examination and approval conditions related to enterprises

(5) to promote the reform of the license system for the production of industrial products. The examination and approval of construction steel bar, cement, radio and television transmission equipment, RMB discriminator and simply supported beam of prestressed concrete railway bridge shall be delegated to the market supervision department at the provincial level. Improve strict quality and safety supervision measures, strengthen supervision and guidance, and keep the bottom line of quality and safety. We will further expand the scope of implementation of the notification commitment and promote the adjustment of chemical fertilizer products from the current post-site review to notification commitment. Carry out publicity and interpretation of policies, standards and technical norms related to industrial product production licenses, strengthen guidance for enterprises to apply for licenses, and help enterprises to facilitate evidence collection.

(6) improve the compulsory product certification system. Expand the scope of designated certification agencies, enhance the one-stop service capacity of certification and testing agencies, and facilitate enterprises to apply for certification testing. The cost of compulsory product certification for explosion-proof electrical appliances, gas appliances and large-volume refrigerators shall be borne by the government. Simplify the certification procedures for export to domestic products. Supervise and guide the compulsory product designated certification implementing agencies to shorten the certification processing time and reduce the certification cost by opening up green channels, accepting the existing conformity assessment results, expanding online services and other measures. Do a good job in certification services and technical support, provide policy and technical training for export-to-domestic enterprises, streamline and optimize certification programs, arrange special personnel to track the certification process, and reasonably reduce or reduce compulsory product certification fees for export-to-domestic products.

(7) to deepen the reform of the qualification determination of inspection and testing institutions. The emergency measures such as remote evaluation during the epidemic prevention and control period will be long-term. The system of informing the qualification of inspection and testing institutions will be implemented nationwide in 2021. Comprehensively implement the online examination and approval of the qualification of inspection and testing institutions, and improve the information inquiry function of institutions.

(8) to speed up the cultivation of "leaders" of enterprise standards. Optimize the institutional mechanism of "leaders" of enterprise standards, improve the evaluation plan, promote third-party evaluation institutions to release a number of ranking lists of enterprise standards, form a list of "leaders" of enterprise standards in 2020, and guide more enterprises to declare and disclose higher-quality standards.

IV. Strengthen supervision during and after the event

(9) to strengthen the publicity of enterprise information. Take the unified social credit code as the mark, integrate and form a more perfect enterprise credit record, and through the national enterprise credit information publicity system, the "Credit China" website and the portal websites of relevant departments, it will be made public to the public in accordance with the law and regulations.

(10) to improve the punishment mechanism for breach of faith. We will implement the policy of "multi-reporting in one" in the annual report of enterprises, further optimize the working mechanism, vigorously promote the credit commitment system, and improve the institutional mechanisms such as credit repair and compulsory withdrawal. In accordance with the law, we will use credit management measures such as serious breach of trust lists in various fields in accordance with the law to improve the level of coordinated supervision and strengthen punishment for breach of trust.

(11) promote the implementation of intelligent supervision. In the field of market supervision, we will further improve the new supervision mechanism with "double random and one open" supervision as the basic means, key supervision as the supplement and credit supervision as the basis. Improve and improve the defective product recall system, urge enterprises to fulfill the legal obligation of defective recall, and eliminate product safety risks. We will promote the combination of double random sampling and credit risk classification supervision, make full use of big data and other technologies, and take differential classification supervision measures for inspection objects with different risk levels and credit levels. gradually achieve accurate identification, prediction and early warning of enterprise credit risk status and major risk points.

(12) standardize the economic supervision of the platform. Adhere to the principles of prudence and inclusiveness and encourage innovation, give full play to the role of self-discipline and enterprise autonomy in the platform economy, guide orderly competition in the platform economy, oppose unfair competition, and standardize the development of the online economy. Investigate and deal with illegal acts of e-commerce in accordance with the law, maintain fair and orderly market order, and create a good business environment for the economic development of the platform.

All localities and departments should conscientiously implement the tasks and requirements set forth in this circular, focus on the pain points of enterprise production and operation, strengthen overall planning and coordination of policies, earnestly implement work responsibilities, conscientiously organize and implement them, and form a joint force of work. The General Administration of Market Supervision, in conjunction with relevant departments, should strengthen work guidance, promptly summarize and promote typical experiences and practices in deepening the reform of the commercial system, coordinate and solve the problems existing in implementation, and ensure that various reform measures are effective.

General Office of the State Council

September 1, 2020

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