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Shougang Tonggang Co., Ltd. has the production capacity of color steel tiles.
Sep 10,2020 16:45CST
Source:Shougang Group
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SMM Network News: recently, the color steel tile production line of Tonggang Company was successfully tested and produced the first batch of color steel tile products.

In the past, the finished products were purchased centrally by the supply company. In order to further reduce the cost of external procurement and achieve the goal of reducing the cost per ton of steel by 300 yuan, with the strong support of the relevant departments of Tonggang Company, the mechanical and electrical repair company made active decisions and set up a special production preparation group for Caigang shingles. Meticulously organized the early market research, equipment selection, material procurement, training, learning, preparation and commissioning and other links, after nearly two months of preparation and construction, specially purchased the Caigang tile production equipment pressing machine, They overcome difficulties such as lack of personnel and experience. On the one hand, they actively communicate with the debugging personnel of equipment manufacturers in time, on the other hand, they actively look for technical materials, and design their own color steel tiles to make special spreaders, platforms, feeding rack accessories, and finally achieve their own production of color steel tiles to use the demand.

At present, the production line mainly produces YX15-225900and YX35-125750 colored steel tiles with a thickness of 0.6mm to 1.0mm, with an annual production capacity of 260000 cubic meters, which can not only meet the needs of various business departments of the company, but also meet the needs of surrounding enterprises and residents, with an estimated annual efficiency of 200000 yuan.

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