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Pursue excellence and create eternity! Zhengda Tube strong Power 2020 China International Hot-dip galvanizing Technology and Market Application Development Forum
Sep 10,2020 14:33CST
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At present, China's economic development is at the node of power transformation, and the development of hot-dip galvanizing in China has entered the stage change of the new normal. Understanding the new normal, adapting to the new normal and leading the new normal is the great logic for the sustained and healthy development of every hot-dip galvanizing enterprise. On the whole, China's galvanizing industry is still in a period of important strategic opportunities that can make great achievements. At the same time, it is also faced with many serious challenges such as superposition of contradictions, weakening downstream demand, increasing pressure on environmental protection, shrinking profit space of the industry, and increasing hidden risks.

In order to promote the development of supply and demand of hot-dip galvanizing market, reduce zinc energy consumption and promote technological innovation of hot-dip galvanizing, Shanghai Nonferrous Network invites industry colleagues to gather in Tianjin, China in October "2020 China International Hot-dip galvanizing Technology and Market Application Development Forum". As the sponsor of 2020 China International Hot-dip galvanizing Technology and Market Application Development Forum, Handan Zhengda Pipe Co., Ltd. will work with industry leaders. Learn together and communicate with each other to promote the healthy development of the industry!

Handan Zhengda Pipe Co., Ltd.

Zhengda management system is a national high-tech enterprise, a national contract-abiding enterprise, a national enterprise with integrated management system, one of the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China, one of the top 500 private enterprises in China, and one of the top 100 enterprises in Hebei Province. Hebei industrial cluster leading enterprises, Chinese private enterprise culture construction 30 benchmark enterprises and other honorary titles. The independent brand "Tianhong" has won the honorary titles such as China's well-known trademark, 2014 Hebei business card, Hebei famous trademark, Hebei high-quality products, Hebei famous brand products and so on.

It has five sub-companies, such as Handan Zhengda Pipe Co., Ltd., Qian'an Zhengda General Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Shanxi Zhengda Pipe Co., Ltd., Hebei Chengze Trading Co., Ltd., Hongshun Quyi Society and so on. Is a high-frequency welded pipe, hot-dip galvanized pipe, spiral welded pipe, square pipe, steel-plastic composite pipe manufacturing, sales as the leading, set science, industry, trade, literature as one of the modern integrated enterprises.

Adhering to the production concept of "pursuing excellence and creating eternity" and taking quality as the forerunner, the company adopts international advanced American Sematur solid-state high frequency, Lincoln welding machine, German direct reading spectrometer, metallographic analyzer and other production and testing equipment. Annual production of various specifications "Tianhong", "Jili" brand steel pipe more than 1000 million tons.

The company has passed the China Classification Society ISO9001-2015, ISO14001--2015, OHSAS18001--2007, ISO50001--2018, quality, environment, occupational health and safety, energy management four system certification, the American Petroleum Institute API5L certification, the European Union CE certification. "Tianhong" and "Jili" series steel pipe products are widely used in oil pipelines, oil and gas transportation, water supply and drainage, tap water, fire protection, gas, central heating, heating steam and other low-pressure fluid transportation and support, threading, steel structure, cold bending profiles and other uses.

The company's series of steel pipe products are widely used in many key national and provincial projects, such as the South-to-North Water diversion Project, Shanghai World Expo, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Henan inter-city railway Yellow River Bridge, Wuhan Yangtze River Tunnel, three Gorges Dam, Jinan Olympic Sports Center, Nanjing Metro Line 3, Shiwu High-speed Railway, Kunming Changshui International Airport, Vanke Real Estate, Wanda Plaza, Shanxi Coal 3 million ton Coal production Oil Project, Shandong LNG (LNG) Project, Guizhou Rural safe drinking Water Project, etc.

The company has become the designated supplier of many large enterprises in China Construction, China Railway, China Metallurgical, Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC and other countries. The domestic sales network is as far as Xinjiang, Qinghai, Yungui, all over the country. At present, "Tianhong" brand steel pipes have been exported to Germany, France, Portugal, the United States, Canada, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Libya, Brazil, India, the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries.

Over the years, the development of Zhengda management has been kindly cared and guided by national and provincial and municipal leaders at all levels. Chen Changzhi, former chairman of the Central Committee of the China Democratic Construction Association and vice chairman of the standing Committee of the 12th National people's Congress, Ye Dongsong, chairman of the Hebei Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference, and other leaders have repeatedly visited Zhengda for on-the-spot visits and guidance.

"committed to development, dedication to society" is the consistent purpose of CP system and management. Over the years, Zhengda management has actively devoted itself to social public welfare undertakings, and has regularly carried out the work of "supporting the army and families" and "plum blossom blossoms" to aid students, which has become an advanced model of "helping the dangerous and needy" at the provincial and municipal levels. as well as a banner on the front of joint construction of double support in Hebei Province.

Culture is the spiritual pillar of enterprise development. The broad and profound Chinese traditional civilization endows Zhengda with rich corporate cultural connotations, and the company creatively puts forward the management concept of "Confucianism treats people and legalists run the factory". Inspired by the enterprise spirit of "doing decent people and doing great undertakings", the enterprise core values based on "virtue" and "positive" have been formed. to create a "collective wisdom, the courage to work hard, committed to development, dedication to society" iron and steel team. "upright, decent, upright, generous, magnanimous" is the character of upright people; "vigorous action, prohibition, iron will, fraternity dedication" is the style of upright people; "thinking, diligence; sailing against the current, not advancing is falling behind" is the upright man's concept of development.

To be broad is to be virtuous, but to be righteous is to be great. Zhengda people are rich in mountains, broad in the sea, honest and pragmatic, dedicated and innovative style, the pursuit of excellence, the creation of eternal faith, the inheritance of a thousand years of steelmaking culture, the achievement of century-old management enterprises!

Contact information: 400-6868-888

Web site: www.hdzdzg.com

Add: No. 9 Juliang Avenue, Industrial Park, Cheng'an County, Handan City, Hebei Province

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Zhengda Tube Blessing 2020 China International Hot-dip galvanizing Technology and Market Application Development Forum braved the Wind and waves

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