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Heavy! The free travel time of the National Day expressway has changed.
Sep 10,2020 10:34CST
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SMM News: according to the latest "implementation plan for exemption of minibus tolls for major holidays" released by the Ministry of Transport in 2020, the policy of free passage on highways with less than 7 seats (including 7 seats) will be implemented only for the four important holidays of Spring Festival, Ching Ming Festival, International Labour Day and National Day. In view of this special situation (National Day + Mid-Autumn Festival for 8 days off), the Ministry of Transport issued the latest regulations on highways:


1. Free prescribed time for expressways: 0: 00 on October 1, 2020-24:00 on October 8, for a total of 8 days, the free period starts at 00:00 on the first day of the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday and ends at 24:00 on the last day of the holiday (the time for ordinary highways to pass through the toll lane of the toll station, and the time for expressways to leave the exit toll lane).

two。 Free models for highways: the range of vehicles with free access on highways is passenger vehicles with less than 7 seats (including 7 seats) on toll roads, including motorcycles allowed on ordinary toll roads.

3. Free range of highways: toll roads free of charge on airports and highways in various places should comply with the provisions of the Highway Law of the people's Republic of China and the regulations on the Administration of Toll roads and approve the establishment of toll roads (including toll bridges and tunnels) in accordance with the law. The free passage of airports and highways in various places shall be decided by the people's governments of each province (autonomous region or municipality).

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