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Composite aluminum foil blanks for medicine made by Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. are exported to India.
Sep 9,2020 15:20CST
Source:Daily Gansu
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SMM Network News: a few days ago, two freighters carrying more than 200 tons of pharmaceutical composite aluminum foil billets produced by Jiuquan Iron and Steel Group sailed out of Tianjin Port to India, successfully completing the delivery.

According to reports, in the face of the impact of COVID-19 's epidemic situation, the sales and technical personnel of Tiancheng Color Aluminum Company of Dongxing Aluminum Company of Jiuquan Iron and Steel Group repeatedly communicated with customers and export agents by means of e-mail, telephone, and video conferences. in-depth understanding of the product processing process and medical composite aluminum foil quality requirements, exchange on material properties, alloy composition, specifications and contract terms, carry out remote consultation, and reach the intention of cooperation. After communication, the customer learned that after getting the billet, they need to process the two billets together and then cut them, and finally use the non-contact side of the roll, that is, the dark side of aluminum foil, to be used as flexible packaging for drugs to effectively maintain drug performance.

In order to ensure product quality, the technical department of the company cooperates closely with the production branch, starting with melt purification, strictly controlling the four key links of degassing refining, melt Filter, equipment cleaning and environmental hygiene, ensuring melt cleanliness, adjusting composition ratio, improving product strength and elongation, refining grains and optimizing process. In only one month, the product was delivered and highly recognized by agents and customers.

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