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Aluminum producer Alvance plans to perfect aluminum industry chain through acquisition
Sep 9,2020 15:18CST
Source:China Nonferrous Network
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SMM: Alvance CEO Arnaud de Weert said on Monday that the company plans to increase production and improve the aluminum supply chain through acquisitions.

Alvance is a company under the GFG Alliance, and the GFG Alliance is part of the Gupta family group, covering steel, aluminum, infrastructure and other fields.

De Weert says it is looking to acquire green energy projects to help it achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2030.

Alvance, headquartered in Paris, is planning to increase its primary aluminum production capacity from the current 332000 tons / year to 1 million tons / year within three years, through the acquisition of primary aluminum, bauxite / alumina raw materials and value-added products business, to establish an upstream and downstream aluminum industry supply chain to effectively reduce the impact of price fluctuations on enterprises.

Alvance currently does not have alumina processing or bauxite mining, but the company is in talks with qualified companies.

Alvance, which employs about 1700 workers and owns an aluminium smelter in Dunkirk, bought Belgium's Duffel aluminium plant, which produces automotive products, from Novelis in December.

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