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[stock market quotation] Market valuation repairs the rise of the iron and steel sector against the market.
Sep 9,2020 11:01CST
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SMM9 March 9 News: September 9 morning trading, ferrous metal plate performance active, iron and steel plate against the market higher. As of press time, Shandong Iron and Steel is up more than 6%, Chongqing Iron and Steel, Baotou Steel and Jiugang Hongxing are up more than 5%, Bayi Iron and Steel, Anyang Iron and Steel, Hegang and Xining Special Steel are all up more than 2%.

After the summer season, the temperature has dropped, the construction of various terminal projects has rebounded, and the "infrastructure deficiency board" is still going on in the second half of the year, and infrastructure will become an important driving force for promoting "steel demand". According to data, from the railway project, excluding the "standby projects" of the Ministry of Transport (on May 19, on the basis of the existing project library, the Ministry of Transport has stored a number of new projects into the warehouse, with an estimated additional investment of more than 800 billion yuan. Construction can be started in time if necessary), the amount of investment in the railway plan in 2020 has increased by 12.1% compared with the completed investment last year. According to the preliminary estimate of SMM, the steel consumption of transportation infrastructure is expected to increase by 8.15% in 2020 compared with last year. And in the second half of the year, the recovery in the real estate industry and manufacturing sector will support the continued improvement in steel sector demand, and plate valuation repair is expected to accelerate.

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