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Chihong zinc and germanium have a revenue of 8.261 billion yuan in the first half of the year.
Sep 9,2020 09:46CST
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SMM: in the first half of this year, under the strong leadership of China's copper industry, Chihong Zinc and Germanium, in accordance with the requirements of "deep reform, full alignment of standards, good integration, and multi-profit", closely revolved around the annual development theme of "changing ideas, good management, mending deficiencies, and improving quality", United and led the broad masses of cadres and staff, adhered to the same strict emphasis on epidemic prevention and control and steady production at home, and grasped policy support and market cycle two-wheel drive externally. Under the grim situation that the market profit reduction factor is as high as 862 million yuan, the operating income (excluding trusteeship enterprises) is 8.261 billion yuan, the total profit (excluding trusteeship enterprises) is 470 million yuan, and the profit achievement rate ranks first among the 14 enterprises directly under China's copper industry. continue to maintain the overall trend of high-quality development.

To overcome the difficulties and make every effort to fight the epidemic and resume production.

After the outbreak of COVID-19 's epidemic, Chihong Zinc and Germanium immediately implemented the requirements for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in China's copper industry. on the third day of the Lunar New year, all members of the leadership returned to their posts, the main leaders were in charge, and the prevention and control agencies and procurement system were running at full speed. Cadres and staff were in step and banned, and more than 15000 employees and contractors did not have a confirmed or suspected case.

On the one hand, Chihong zinc and germanium firmly put the life safety and health of employees in the first place, and paid close attention to measures such as health information investigation, management of personnel going out and returning to work, place disinfection, etc., and arranged for the first time a special fund of 9.5 million yuan to purchase epidemic prevention materials worldwide, distribute 370000 masks to all employees, distribute thermometers, disinfectants and other protective equipment to various units, and build a solid safety and protection network.

On the other hand, the overall layout of production and operation work under extreme market conditions has successfully overcome many challenges such as obstacles in the procurement and transportation of raw materials, downward processing fees, and high operating costs, and actively coordinated local government management departments. organize contractors and business outsourcing personnel to return to work in an orderly manner to ensure the smooth flow of sales channels for the production of raw materials and products. In order to ensure the ability of emergency provision, effectively guard against financial risks, reduce the scale of internal loans and guarantees, urge the collection and return of funds, and increase the amount of capital reserves. At the same time, we should make full use of preferential policies, obtain 1.28 billion yuan in low-interest policy loans, implement 52 million yuan in social security and medical insurance deductions, and strive for 6.5 million yuan in job return subsidies for unemployment insurance, so as to ensure uninterrupted production and operation and guarantee employees' income. fully demonstrated the fine style of Chihong zinc and germanium as a whole and overcoming the difficulties together.

Reduce cost and increase efficiency to tap one's own potential

For the first time, Chihong zinc and germanium carried out full-factor benchmarking for mining and smelting enterprises, clarified the industry location, advantages and disadvantages, and established a system-wide benchmarking process and normalized tracking management mechanism. sort out and formulate production cost reduction, non-operating assets activation, labor cost pressure reduction and other eight major areas of work measures, the implementation of a complete cost evaluation system, and firmly establish a production and management model centered on economic benefits. In the first half of the year, Chihong zinc and germanium achieved a cost reduction of 301 million yuan, with a cost ratio of 94.46%.

Chihong Zinc and Germanium insists on overall planning and complementary advantages, strives not to let any unit fall behind, and gives support to Hulunbuir Chihong and Lancang lead Mine in the aspects of raw material structure adjustment, process optimization, ecological red line regulation and inefficient asset disposal. We will bring low-profit enterprises into the category of management of reversing losses and extricating themselves from difficulties, and one enterprise and one policy will formulate measures to reverse losses, and the number of households with losses will be controlled within six.

Around the key areas of raw material supply, material procurement, product sales, futures preservation and other key areas, Chihong zinc and germanium implement accurate management. The six main units are fully on-line with the good faith payment system, deeply integrating contract performance, supplier rating and payment payable, urging enterprises to pay on time, strictly fulfilling their payment obligations under the contract, strengthening the spirit of the contract, and actively undertaking social responsibility. we should earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both supply and demand, and realize the organic unity of risk prevention and control and the maximization of purchase and sale value. Combined with the market situation that supply exceeds demand, Chihong zinc and germanium timely adjust the sales strategy, adopt annual bidding to lock the channel in advance, and supplemented by monthly bidding, zero order sales and other models to win the market, the main products are higher than the net average price sales. Chihong zinc and germanium also accelerated the expansion of terminal direct supply cooperation, explored the procurement mode of original equipment manufacturers, increased the collection rate to 73.16%, and reduced the cost of material procurement by 68.82 million yuan.

Running Enterprises according to Law and promoting Scientific Development

Chihong zinc and germanium always regard running enterprises according to law as the endogenous driving force for deepening reform, strengthening and improving the company, comprehensively promote strict management according to law, and promote the continuous improvement of compliance management level. The guidance Manual on Management and Control of parent and subsidiary companies (trial run 2019 Edition) issued by Chihong Zinc and Germanium in 2019 comprehensively defines the limits of authority between China Copper and Chihong Zinc and Germanium, and between Chihong Zinc and Germanium headquarters and the molecular company. a total of 90 negative lists (matters that the company needs to report for copper examination and approval decisions), 276 management decisions and 16 contract types are included.

In the first half of the year, Chihong Zinc and Germanium, relying on the parent-subsidiary Management and Control Guide Manual (2019 version trial run), carried out the decision-making and approval procedures for various management matters according to the prescribed authority, and realized efficient compliance decision-making. Legal affairs institutions participate in the supervision of the process of investment and financing, bidding, external guarantee and material procurement of the company, and the legal examination rate of economic contracts and important decisions is 100% to protect the interests of the company. Chihong Zinc and Germanium also revised the company's articles of association in time, gave full play to the leading role of the articles of association in corporate governance, clarified the responsibility boundaries of shareholders (big), board of directors, board of supervisors and managers in accordance with the law, and made clear the procedures for performing their duties. comprehensively and truthfully disclose the enterprise environmental information of the eight key units in 2019.

Three key points to ensure healthy development

Chihong Zinc and Germanium resolutely rectified and put an end to formalism in safety management, set up an expert working group on essential safety of major and important sources of hazards, and established an assessment mechanism for the safety status of major and important sources of hazards from the aspects of technology, equipment, spare parts, hazardous chemicals, etc., from the aspects of feasibility research, design, construction, trial production, commissioning, maintenance, maintenance, technical transformation, and omni-directional identification of risks. The evaluation of the essential safety status of five production systems, including zinc powder production and storage, boilers and mine hydraulic rings, has been completed, and an essential safety video surveillance and management platform has been set up to monitor and monitor 3190 production sites in 12 units in real time and remotely, and the professional management and control ability has been continuously improved.

In accordance with strict standards, Chihong zinc and germanium compared with the standards and requirements of the central environmental protection inspectors, carried out re-carding, re-investigation, rectification, and re-implementation of problems in various fields, and the rate of rectification and reform reached 95.7%. A number of environmental upgrading and renovation projects such as Huize Mining, Chihong Comprehensive Utilization tailings Reservoir and waste residue Reservoir have been completed in an all-round way, and the essential safety of the environment has been continuously improved. From January to June, the company's discharge of pollutants from waste gas and waste water reached the standard rate, the compliance rate of solid waste disposal was 100%, the total discharge of major pollutants was controlled within the permitted range, the number of government environmental penalties was zero, and all environmental protection targets were achieved.

In brand quality management, on the one hand, promote product quality upgrading, the main products continue to maintain first-line brand status, advantages continue to reflect, premium capacity continues to enhance, through diversified quality control to create efficiency of 7.07 million yuan. On the other hand, continue to do a good job in brand maintenance, predictable and targeted to the company's brands, patents for a full range of registration and protection, to ensure all effective.

In the second half of the year, all cadres and staff of Chihong zinc and germanium will conscientiously implement the spirit of the mid-year work meeting of Chinalco Group and China Copper Industry, clarify their ideas, identify key points, pay attention to level by level, and implement them layer by layer. In the next step, Chihong Zinc and Germanium will have a clear understanding of the international and domestic situation and tasks under the influence of the epidemic, have a clear understanding of the shortcomings of safety, cost, and innovation, face up to risks and challenges, adhere to the same goals, speed, and efforts, and do a good job in all kinds of work in a down-to-earth manner. we will continue to forge ahead towards the goal of high-quality development.

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