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The construction of Weiqiao aluminum lightweight base project will be accelerated as fast as possible.
Sep 8,2020 13:24CST
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SMM Network News: since the construction of Weiqiao lightweight base project started after the Spring Festival this year, it has worked hard to overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic, and the vast number of cadres and workers have vigorously carried out the enterprise spirit of "fast, efficient, and courageously strive for first class". According to the "five same and five mornings" of Weiqiao Venture Group, namely: civil construction, equipment installation, personnel training, product development, market development Synchronize; The construction technical reform management policy of early construction, early installation, early commissioning, early reaching production and early return "ensures the rapid progress of the project construction.

At present, it is the golden construction period of the "Golden Nine and Silver Ten" project, and the project department increases the guarantee of personnel, machinery, materials, equipment, and other factors, and achieves a daily schedule, a daily summary, and a rush to grasp the construction period, so as to ensure that the construction progress is carried out in accordance with the planned schedule. According to Li Yuyong, deputy general manager of Shandong Weiqiao lightweight Materials Co., Ltd., the base construction unit now has more than 390 workers entering the site every day, with a total of three workshops capping walls at the end of the enclosure, and a steel structure project has been completed, and the roof has been closed recently. The pilot base, duty apartment and canteen were capped and decorated inside and outside. Lightweight extruded structural parts project single machine installation and commissioning, personnel operation training Synchronize launched, we are very confident in the National Day to achieve squeeze casting production line trial production.

Shandong Weiqiao lightweight Base is Weiqiao Venture Group actively responding to the national call, making full use of the advantages of existing industrial clusters, energy saving and emission reduction, green innovation and development, further transformation and upgrading, and introducing advanced technology and industries in a variety of ways. efforts to create lightweight materials R & D and production base.

The base is committed to the development of lightweight automotive parts and vehicle preparation core technology as the goal to build a world-leading pilot base for lightweight automotive design, parts production and R & D, sample car manufacturing and comprehensive evaluation and small-scale mass production. In the middle and later period, it gradually expanded to the research and development of lightweight materials and parts in rail transit, aerospace, military and other fields to realize the industrialization of parts preparation and deep processing. at the same time, it does a good job in the research and development and reserve of technology and talents for the development of aluminum lightweight materials in the country. To create the largest, most advanced, full-process lightweight R & D and manufacturing base. After the completion of the base, it will realize the transformation from "Entrepreneurship Weiqiao" to "emerging Weiqiao" and "Science and Technology Weiqiao", and better promote the development and growth of Binzhou world-class high-end aluminum industry cluster.

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