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Ningde era
Sep 8,2020 08:23CST
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SMM9 March 8: September 7, the gem first heavyweight stock Ningde era trading volume suddenly enlarged, at one point fell more than 11% in intraday trading, closed down 8.74% at 186.40 yuan per share during the day. The single-day market value fell by more than 40 billion.

The stock price of Ningde Times fell mainly because of rumors that Ningde Times had abandoned the NCM811 (nickel-manganese-cobalt lithium manganate, which refers to a nickel-manganese-cobalt ratio of 8 to 1, and other models can be analogous to the composition ratio of other models) high-nickel ternary battery technology route. The high nickel ternary battery represented by NCM811 has been regarded as the mainstream development direction of power battery by the industry in recent years.

In this regard, Ningde Times responded in a timely manner: at present, power batteries have developed into a diversified and hierarchical supply situation. The mileage below the 400km generally uses lithium iron phosphate battery, because it is cheap and can meet the requirements of this degree of range; the mileage around the 400~500km is usually NCM523;, but if the mileage requirements are higher, there is only 811 this route. If you give up 811, you are giving up the high-end market. At present, Gao Nihua is the commanding point that various manufacturers compete for, and Ningde era will not give up 811, which is the only way for power batteries to strive for dominance and voice. The development of high-nickel ternary battery has not yet reached the technical ceiling. with the increasing requirements of high-end brand car companies for mileage, the company will continue to break through the energy density of batteries and reduce battery costs through continuous innovation. In addition, the company has included nickel-cobalt-manganese-free non-precious metal batteries in the next generation of battery research and development, which will surpass the cobalt-free batteries that have attracted the most attention in the market this year.

In addition, Ningde Times said that the company's Tesla order will be gradually released in the second half of the year, and international orders in the second half of the year will also be gradually released.

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