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Yunnan Copper Die casting successfully passed the external audit of aviation quality system in 2020.
Sep 7,2020 17:36CST
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SMM News: August 21-23, Yuntong Technology Yuntong Die casting Company accepted the AS9100 aviation quality management system external audit, and successfully passed the audit.

During the 3-day external audit, according to the audit plan, the external auditor carefully examined the company's organization and management, material supply, product development, production control, after-sales service and so on. This external audit is the first external audit after Yuntong die-casting obtained the certificate. The whole company attaches great importance to it and prepares in advance. In the process of audit, the external auditor fully affirmed the operation of Yunnan Copper Die casting Aviation quality system, the external audit work was successfully concluded, and a new certificate will be issued in the near future.

Aviation quality system is the key to open the market of aviation development industry. Obtaining the certificate of aviation quality management system indicates that the products of enterprises can be supplied to aviation manufacturing customers all over the world. Since Yunnan Copper Die casting obtained the certificate of AS9100 aviation quality management system in June 2019, its production and operation have been operated in strict accordance with the requirements of the system, and all work management has reached a new level. At present, it has obtained orders from customers such as AVIC and foreign well-known aviation companies such as Boeing and Airbus.

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