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When "Nonferrous" embraces the "Blue Ocean", Anpiao reaches a new chapter!
Sep 7,2020 15:22CST
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In the golden autumn, it is fruitful! Anpiao has been online for just 6 months, and hundreds of long-term contracted enterprises have been well received by customers. in August, the total amount of bank seconds posted in a single month has reached nearly 200 million yuan! With the recognition of many users, Anpouda is flattered and has a heavy responsibility on its shoulders. We can only constantly explore and innovate to give back and support our customers with better product experience and service. At the beginning of September, we have expanded a new cooperative bank-Weihai Blue Sea Bank.

Weihai Blue Ocean Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Blue Ocean Bank") was established with the approval of the China Banking Regulatory Commission on December 16, 2016 and approved by the Shandong Regulatory Administration of the China Banking Regulatory Commission on May 24, 2017. It is the first private bank in Shandong Province, headquartered in Weihai, the core city of the Blue Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula.

Blue Sea Bank is established by seven powerful private enterprises in Shandong Province, including Weigao Group Co., Ltd., Chi Shan Group Co., Ltd., Deshang Group Co., Ltd., Qingdao Fu Ruichi Technology Co., Ltd., Xingmin Zhitong (Group) Co., Ltd., Shandong Andely Group Co., Ltd., Yantai Zhenhua Shopping Center Co., Ltd., etc., with a total registered capital of 2 billion yuan.

As a demonstration site of financial reform and innovation in Shandong Province, Blue Ocean Bank, under the guidance of the regulatory authorities, adheres to its characteristic positioning, implements the development strategy of "one body and two wings", is based on the blue economic zone of Shandong Peninsula offline, and operates its basic business steadily. Online with Internet-based supply chain finance and C-end inclusive finance as the "two wings", efforts have been made to build O2O Internet banks for the integrated development of online and offline.

Blue Ocean Bank, open up the new blue ocean in the commercial market!

By adding Blue Ocean Bank as a cooperative bank, Anpouda has brought more affordable and convenient discount services to users:

Lower price: blue Ocean Bank discount quotation has obvious advantages in the current Anpaida Cooperative Bank, especially small and medium-sized bank tickets, Blue Ocean prices are generally lower 5-10bp;

Signing the contract is more convenient: less materials are required, and the processing is more convenient and quick. it only takes 5 minutes to complete the signing. You can discount immediately after signing the contract.

With the support of local policies, there will be more preferential policies and benefits waiting to be unlocked in the future.

Anpouda, we have been working hard! Continue to upgrade on the basis of "more"-more cooperative banks; "fast"-quick to account; "good"-good experience; "province"-cheap prices. In addition to the addition of a third cooperative bank, Anpiouda's first cooperative Fumin Bank is about to launch an electronic invoice system, which makes it more convenient to discount and issue invoices.

Anpouda has always been dominated by customer demand, with preferential discounted prices and simple operation to help enterprises save costs and improve efficiency.

Anpouda, your most reassuring ticket butler ~

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Anpiao has been online for five months, from zero users to hundreds of long-term contracted enterprises, relying on our original intention: to provide more affordable and excellent discount services for non-ferrous enterprises wholeheartedly. While thanking the first batch of customers for their recognition and trust, Anpida is looking forward to the participation of more enterprises in the industry!

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