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Wanji holding Group starts the construction of a billet project with an annual output of 120000 tons of double zero foil casting and rolling.
Sep 4,2020 14:02CST
Source:China Nonferrous Metals Daily
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SMM News: in order to effectively maintain the stability of the industrial chain supply chain in the post-epidemic period and win the initiative of long-term sustainable and high-quality development, on September 1st, Wanji Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wanji Holdings Group") started the construction of an annual production capacity of 120000 tons of high-end double zero foil casting and rolling billet project. As an important part of the industrial chain of "electrolytic aluminum liquid-aluminum casting-rolling coil-aluminum strip-aluminum foil", this project is a concrete practice of Wanji holding Group actively responding to the state's encouragement to increase the deployment of "new infrastructure" and the implementation of "six stability" and "six guarantees". Li Jie, member of the standing Committee of the Xin'an County CPC Committee and executive deputy county magistrate, Xia Ming, deputy director of the standing Committee of the County people's Congress, Jiang Zhiguo, deputy county magistrate, and Guo Feng, general manager of Wanji holding Group, attended the opening ceremony.

In recent years, Wanji holding Group has adhered to the development path of "high-end, terminal, and differentiation", giving full play to the role of its four provincial engineering and technology R & D centers and more than 10 municipal engineering and technology R & D centers. Strengthen cooperation with well-known universities and scientific research institutes to actively develop and produce high-end, sophisticated and high value-added products for high-end deep processing of aluminum alloy. To create the competitive advantage of the whole industry chain and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises by "making up the upstream at both ends and the middle at both ends". Among them, Luoyang Wanji Aluminum processing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wanji Aluminum processing Company") has successfully developed and mass-produced double-zero aluminum foil, which is only 0.0055 mm thick and has the advantages of bacteria isolation and anti-oxidation. it is widely used in medicine, food, cosmetic packaging and other fields at home and abroad. At the same time, Wanji holding Group has upgraded the existing cast-rolling production line with an annual output of 30,000 tons and skillfully mastered the production technology of double-zero aluminum foil casting-rolling billet, which can provide Wanji aluminum processing company with billets of stable quality. However, due to the limited production capacity of cast-rolling billet, it can not meet the demand of double-zero aluminum foil billet of Wanji Aluminum processing Company, so it has to be supplemented by outsourcing.

The sudden epidemic, the unexpected contraction of demand and the disruption of the supply chain have had a great impact on the upstream supply chain of Wanji double aluminum foil. In view of the shortcomings and weaknesses exposed in the epidemic, Wanji Holdings Group implemented the new development concept, continued to promote supply-side structural reform, re-examined the enterprise's medium-and long-term development strategy, and decided to invest 450 million yuan. start the construction of an annual production line of 120000 tons of high-end double zero foil cast-rolling strip billet, further open the blocking point and connection break point, improve the quality of the high-precision aluminum plate, strip and foil industry chain, and maintain the security of the double zero aluminum foil billet supply chain. The project is located in the second branch plant of Henan Wanji Aluminum Co., Ltd., covering a total area of 93 mu, 10 casting and rolling production lines are proposed to be built, using electrolytic aluminum liquid as the main raw material to provide high quality billets for the aluminum strip of Wanji Aluminum processing Company. the construction cycle of the project is one year, and the sales income of 1.8 billion yuan and tax of 48 million yuan can be realized in the year after completion and commissioning, which has better economic and social benefits. At present, the preliminary work of the project has been carried out, plant leveling, plane layout, plant equipment process optimization and construction drawing design have been completed, with the conditions to start.

"the annual output of 120000 tons of high-end double zero foil cast-rolling strip billet project is an important measure for Wanji holding Group to extend the chain and achieve high-quality development." Guo Feng said at the opening ceremony that in the next step, Wanji Holdings Group will take the elimination of factor constraints as the starting point to promote the comprehensive recovery and smooth flow of the industrial chain, and promote the reconstruction of the basic industrial chain with the solid chain, supplementary chain, extended chain and strong chain as the starting point; focus on strengthening scientific and technological innovation, promote the modernization level of the industrial chain, and take the supply-side structural reform as the main line to promote the adjustment and optimization of the industrial chain. Take the security and stability of the chain supply chain as the goal to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

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