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Enjie shares completed 5 billion capital increase to expand the main business layout of lithium diaphragm
Sep 3,2020 14:49CST
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SMM: on the evening of September 2, Enjie shares released the fixed increase results show that the company's non-public offering stock price of 72.00 yuan per share, a total of 5 billion yuan raised, 69.4444 million new shares, will be listed on the exchange on September 4.

After the listing of new shares, the total share capital of the company will be expanded from 805 million to 875 million, and the new shares are expected to be traded on March 4, 2021.



Enjie shares are finally issued to 22 companies.

Enjie shares said that this fund-raising investment project revolves around the company's main business, which is in line with the relevant national industrial policies and the overall strategic development direction of the company in the future, and will help to enhance the comprehensive strength of the company. The implementation of this fund-raising investment project will contribute to the continuous improvement of the company's lithium battery diaphragm production capacity and market competitiveness, further consolidate the company's global leading position in the industry, and consolidate its market share and scale advantage. help to improve the company's sustainable development ability and anti-risk ability, lay the foundation for long-term development in the future, and safeguard the long-term interests of shareholders.


It is understood that in the last three years and the first phase, Enjie shares achieved a total operating income of 2.1143751 billion yuan, 2.4574928 billion yuan, 3.1595616 billion yuan and 1.4406443 billion yuan respectively, which showed a sustained growth trend mainly due to the improvement of the downstream new energy industry, the booming production and sales of the company's membrane products, and the rapid growth of income.

It is worth mentioning that on August 7, Enjie shares announced that the company signed a cooperation intention agreement with Yuntianhua Group, and the company intends to use its own and self-raised funds to publicly bid for a 54.76% stake in its subsidiary Numi Technology.

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