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We should pay attention to these ten suggestions to promote the high-quality development of iron and steel industry.
Sep 3,2020 10:00CST
Source:Liaoning CPPCC
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SMM News: today, China's iron and steel industry is facing major changes in the economic situation and development environment: technology, equipment and products to green, intelligent direction, infrastructure construction and equipment manufacturing industry to high-end development. The market demand for iron and steel materials is getting higher and higher; the external dependence of iron ore resources remains high; the environmental capacity and bearing capacity of important iron and steel production areas are becoming more and more restrictive; the recycling of scrap iron and steel resources is obviously increasing; new requirements are also put forward for the adjustment of iron and steel process structure.

To this end, the provincial CPPCC formed a research group to carry out research on how to accelerate the high-quality development of the iron and steel industry in our province from different aspects and different angles, and put forward specific opinions and suggestions:

Suggestion 1: rational development of iron ore resources

Efforts should be made to solve the problems of strategic positioning, industrial layout, system and mechanism, and policy guarantee of the iron ore industry, and establish an effective guarantee system for iron ore resources. Increase the concentration of mining enterprises through merger and reorganization and closing small mines. Further clean up and eliminate backward steel production capacity. We will scientifically promote overseas iron ore investment and improve the strategic regulation and control ability of the whole industry chain. Speed up the cultivation of large iron ore enterprise groups, speed up the shareholding transformation of iron ore enterprises, and strengthen policy support to lighten the burden of mining enterprises.

Suggestion 2: create a platform for collaborative innovation in scientific research

The provincial department in charge of science and technology should take the lead in the establishment of a scientific research and innovation collaborative platform for technological innovation in the iron and steel industry and the incubation of iron and steel-related industries, and establish the Liaoning Industrial Technology Research Institute to carry out research and development of industrial core technologies, common key technologies and major strategic forward-looking technologies.

Recommendation 3: formulate a development plan for the iron and steel industry

It is suggested that the provincial competent departments should carefully study and judge the development trend and prospect of the international and domestic iron and steel industry, combined with the current situation and characteristics of the iron and steel industry in Liaoning Province, with the goal of realizing the revitalization and high-quality development of the iron and steel industry in Liaoning Province, formulate the short-term and medium-and long-term development strategic plan for the development of Liaoning iron and steel industry

Suggestion 4: further optimize the industrial layout

On the basis of industrial restructuring, cultivate world-class enterprises; transfer production capacity to coastal areas and expand coastal bases; integrate iron and steel enterprises with a scale of less than 2 million tons; and establish Liaoning Iron and Steel Association or alliance.

Recommendation 5: strengthen the research of advanced technology

The iron and steel technology research institutions and enterprise technology centers in the province should increase the basic research of advanced technology and forward-looking technology and make a good technological reserve. When replacing new production capacity or updating technical equipment, give priority to the most advanced process equipment with a forward-looking strategic vision.

Suggestion 6: realize the green development of industry

We will vigorously promote green manufacturing and achieve full coverage of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies. The new production capacity should give full play to the low-carbon and green advantages of the short-process process. Steel mills should change from relying on cities to serving cities, and strive to make steel mills coexist with cities and integrate with society, so as to reflect the low-carbon and green value of iron and steel enterprises. The construction of coastal bases should apply industry-leading environmental protection technology, meet the environmental protection requirements of national ultra-low emission standards, and build a world-class flagship green environmental protection steel enterprise demonstration plant.

Suggestion 7: promote the construction of intelligence

The iron and steel industry in our province should increase innovation in the fields of intelligent mining, intelligent production and intelligent circulation, and improve the efficiency of the whole iron and steel industry chain with the help of intelligence. Build an integrated e-commerce platform in the province, increase the construction of intelligent mines, increase the transformation and construction of intelligent production lines in the province's qualified production lines, and gradually build a new intelligent production system with saving, high efficiency and real-time optimization in the field of steel circulation.

Suggestion 8: build downstream steel industry cluster

With high-quality comprehensive material solutions to attract more downstream industries to Liaoning for development, to create a vertical industrial cluster of iron and steel. We should focus on building several manufacturing clusters, such as high-end manufacturing clusters, new energy vehicle clusters, new material industry clusters and steel structure construction industry clusters, so as to cultivate the downstream steel market and realize the high-quality development of superior industries.

Suggestion 9: strengthen the reform of state-owned enterprises

Deeply understand the relevant national policies, combined with the characteristics of Liaoning, formulate the relevant reform rules. While solving the problems left over by the history of state-owned enterprises, we will strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the reform of mixed ownership, state-owned capital investment companies, the implementation of the functions and powers of the board of directors, employee shareholding, professional managers, and three system reforms. to make state-owned iron and steel enterprises bigger and stronger.

Recommendation 10: realize the transformation and upgrading of the combination of industry and finance

The iron and steel industry should focus on strengthening and refinement, and at the same time, on the basis of the iron and steel industry, cultivate emerging industries and realize the transformation and upgrading of the combination of industry and finance.

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