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Dongqing has passed the second-party audit of Shenfei Co., Ltd.
Sep 3,2020 09:54CST
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SMM: recently, Shenyang Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. and the first military Representative Office of the Air Force equipment Department in Shenyang formed a joint audit team to conduct an annual audit of Dongqing's quality management system.

It is understood that according to the control requirements of the supply side of Shenfei in the aviation industry, this audit is carried out around the manufacturing, testing and delivery of products such as aluminum tubes, bars and aluminum alloy thick plates supplied by Dongqing Light, involving technical centers, marketing centers, special materials companies, melting and casting plants, medium and heavy plate factories and quality management centers. With the active cooperation of all units and departments, the audit work was completed smoothly.

Meng Lin, deputy general manager of East Light, and quality officials of various units attended the first and last meeting. At the last meeting, the audit team affirmed Dongqing's quality management, thought that Dongqing's quality management system was effective, explained the reasons for the existing problems, and put forward suggestions for improvement.

On behalf of Dongqing, Meng Lin thanked the audit team for their hard work. Meng Lin pointed out that Shenfei has always been an important customer of Dongqing, and Dongqing attaches great importance to this audit, and the recommendations put forward by the audit team are of great significance for Dongqing to strengthen management and further improve product quality. In view of the problems found in this audit, each unit will seriously analyze, find out the causes and formulate measures to further improve the quality control level of Dongqing.

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