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Oriental products use strength to build quality, strongly sponsor the 2020 (Fifth) China Electrotechnical Materials supply and demand Summit
Sep 2,2020 16:37CST
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2020 is a year of both challenges and opportunities for the copper-aluminum electrical industry. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic at home and abroad at the beginning of the year dragged the global economy into a historical trough, the manufacturing industry once stagnated, and the successive outbreak of geopolitical contradictions made the market more worried about the deterioration of global trade relations. Many risks have cast a shadow over the prospects of economic recovery, and the electrical industry is also facing problems such as shrinking supply of raw materials and damage to foreign trade exports. However, thanks to the domestic stimulus policy of relying on infrastructure to stabilize the economy, power and engineering projects contributed to a better-than-expected recovery in the power cable industry, and orders remained strong throughout the second quarter. From the industry level, what is the trend of the electrical industry in the second half of the year; from the technical level, how to break the situation of the inherent technological innovation of domestic electrical materials is worthy of further exploration.

At the time of opening up and breaking the situation, Oriental Group products Co., Ltd. strongly sponsored the 2020 (Fifth) China Electrotechnical Materials supply and demand Summit to help write a new chapter in the industry!

Oriental Group products Co., Ltd.

Oriental Group Co., Ltd. was founded in the first year of reform and opening up-1978, is a large investment shareholding enterprise group. At present, the main industries invested and operated are: modern agricultural industry, port transportation industry, financial industry, new urbanization development industry, information security industry, oil and gas and new energy industry, and resource product industry.

Oriental Group products Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oriental Group Co., Ltd., is an enterprise specializing in domestic trade in commodities. At present, it is mainly engaged in electrolytic copper, high-quality copper rods, copper wire and so on. Since its establishment, the company has quickly established a pragmatic and honest market reputation in the industry, and has a large number of high-quality customers in the core consumption areas of non-ferrous metals throughout the country, of which the copper rod and wire business was carried out at the beginning of 2020. We have established stable cooperation with some well-known large cable factories in China to provide value-added services for industrial chain customers with high-quality products, standardized operation flow and safe and flexible transaction mode.

Oriental Group Investment Holdings, the listed companies that participate in the shares are as follows:

Oriental Group Co., Ltd. (600811.SH)

Jinzhou Port Co., Ltd. (A shares: 600190.SH, B shares: 900952.SH)

China Minsheng Bank Co., Ltd. (600016.SH, 01988.HK)

United Energy Group Limited (00467.HK) (same actual controller)

Business contact: Yang Fang 15800445565

Oriental products Blessing 2020 (Fifth) China Summit on supply and demand of Electrical Materials

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