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The quotation of SMM Jiangxi recycled copper rod is officially launched.
Sep 2,2020 16:16CST
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After three months of market research and enterprise communication, SMM Jiangxi recycled copper rod quotation was officially launched on September 1, including 8mm resistance rod price (Jiangxi) and disk deduction two price points. Every trading day, 12 SMM 0010 SMM announces the range of Jiangxi protection bar on the official website. At that time, SMM price members can check historical prices at the same time.

The quotation of SMM Jiangxi 8mm protection rod reflects the spot quotation after the price of Jiangxi protection rod began to be quoted during the period of 11: 00 a.m. on the day of quotation, and gradually adjusted and stabilized, including the spot price of resistance rod and the reduction of disk price. The absolute price is obtained through market collection and SMM price standardization. Disk deduction is to facilitate industry research and vividly reflect the price level of scrap copper rod. SMM takes the difference with the closing price of Shanghai copper at about 11:30 that month.

According to the research and evaluation of SMM, the national production capacity of recycled copper poles (that is, scrap copper poles) is about 5 million tons in 2020, which is mainly distributed in Jiangxi, Hebei, Henan, Tianjin, Hubei and other regions due to unique geographical location advantages, special support plans and policies, etc., attracting more and more copper-related enterprises to settle down and gather a number of industry leading enterprises represented by Jiangxi Copper Group. The production capacity concentration of recycled copper rods is also increasing, forming a number of industrial parks with a production capacity of more than 2 million tons, occupying a major position in the industry. the sales radius of resistance rod products radiates to South China, East China, Hebei and other large-scale areas, and its product price has an important impact on the pricing of recycled copper rod products.

How to view

By visiting the spot quotation of the copper area on the official website of SMM, you can view the quotation of recycled copper rods for the same day:

"Click to visit the spot price of SMM Copper Zone

You can also view it from the copper processing section on the copper zone page:

I would like to thank the following standard-adopting units for their support:

Jiangxi Jinye Da Copper Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Guoxin Copper Co., Ltd.

Guixi Zhongnan Copper Co., Ltd.

Lichuan Xize Copper Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Taihe Parkson Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guixi Guangtong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guixi Yingxin Copper Co., Ltd.

Guangchang Huaneng Copper Co., Ltd.

SMM actively expand the bid units, including but not limited to recycled rod manufacturers, welcome downstream consumer groups, intermediate traders and other industry insiders to participate.


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