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Oolong Zinc Industry co-organizes the 2020 Zinc Salt Industry chain Trading Summit and China (8th) Zinc oxide Industry Summit
Sep 1,2020 18:18CST
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China's economy has maintained a high growth rate in the past three decades, which provides a good foundation for the development of China's zinc industry. China has become a big producer and consumer of zinc and zinc salt. In recent years, China's economy has changed from rapid growth to high-quality development, and the zinc salt industry has entered a new period of development. China's non-ferrous metals industry is experiencing an important leapfrog moment, and so is the zinc oxide industry. If a breakthrough can be made against the current in the competition, the comprehensive strength of the enterprise will be further enhanced. With the increasingly stringent national environmental protection policy, it is imperative to comply with legal green manufacturing, high-precision manufacturing, energy saving and consumption reduction, so as to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. In order to further guide the development of the industry, Shanghai Nonferrous Network will hold the 2020 Zinc Salt Industry chain Trading Summit and the eighth China (eighth) Zinc oxide Industry Summit from November 5 to 6. The meeting revolves around the theme of "green, lean and development". The economic analysis, zinc price trend, environmental protection policy, technology and equipment, supply and demand trading, and market situation are discussed. Set up three major communication and negotiation areas: raw material negotiation area, downstream consumption area and technical equipment area for representatives to exchange and negotiate. This meeting has been strongly supported by Weifang Oolong Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. As the co-organizer of this summit, Oolong Zinc Industry sincerely invites colleagues from the industry to get together at the summit!

Weifang Aolong Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.

About Oron:

Weifang Aolong Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Beihai Industrial Park, Hanting District, Weifang City, Shandong Province, with a registered capital of 150 million yuan. Its main business scope is the production and sales of indirect zinc oxide, with an annual production capacity of 100000 tons.

Production equipment:

Oolong zinc industry team, after years of accumulation, leading technical strength, outstanding contribution of the industry. The company always insists on leading the development of the industry with technological progress, constantly updating and upgrading product technology, paying attention to clean production, energy saving and environmental protection, and the main process and technical indicators have reached the advanced level of the international industry.

Quality assurance:

The company has a sound quality, environmental protection, safety, health and other management and security system, built an advanced level of laboratories in the industry, equipped with advanced testing and testing equipment, to ensure the reliability of technical tests and product testing data.

Product line:

The market of zinc oxide products in Oolong zinc industry covers many fields, such as rubber tire, zinc salt, surface treatment, glass fiber, soft magnetic, lightning arrester, varistor, ceramics, paint, cosmetics, feed, compound fertilizer and so on.

The company regards quality as the product life, takes integrity as the foundation of the enterprise, and has created a "professional and dedicated, trustworthy and feasible" corporate image.

Oolong Zinc Industry will promote industry self-discipline and market norms to provide customers with excellent products and services for continuous improvement.

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Oolong Zinc Industry holds the 2020 Zinc Salt Industry chain Trading Summit and China (8th) Zinc oxide Industry Summit is in full swing.

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