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China's Enfei oxygen pressure leaching Technology promotes the Sustainable Development of Gold Industry
Sep 1,2020 17:04CST
Source:China Nonferrous Metals Daily
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SMM: recently, China Enfei Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Enfei") made a return visit to the 450t / d pre-oxidation technical renovation project of Guizhou Zijin Mining Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guizhou Zijin"). The project was put into production in 2016 and reached production at one time, and has been running continuously for nearly 4 years. The system has been highly appraised by the owners because of its stable operation, advanced production indicators and remarkable economic benefits.

In this project, according to the resources of Mercury Cave Mine and the existing production equipment capacity, China Enfei gives full play to its technical advantages in the field of pressure leaching, and makes a detailed technical and economic comparison of the smelting process plan, raw material scheme and construction scale, and makes a full analysis and demonstration of the smelting process. The company's project team compared the advantages and disadvantages of existing processes such as roasting oxidation, bacterial oxidation and pressure oxidation, combined with the source and characteristics of the project raw materials and a great deal of research work done by the owners in the early stage. finally, the pressurized oxygen leaching pretreatment process is selected.

The full three-dimensional design is adopted in the project, which greatly improves the design quality and the overall design level of the project, and adopts a number of patented technical devices with independent intellectual property rights of Enfei in China, which fills the gap in the domestic industrial equipment of pressurized oxidation of refractory gold mines. The project is difficult, there are many innovation points, the equipment level is advanced, the automatic control level is high, and the whole plant is unattended.

Guizhou Zijin Shuiyin Cave technical renovation project has advanced technology, reasonable economy, high efficiency, low consumption and less pollution, which fills the gap in the pressurized oxidation pretreatment process of refractory gold ores in China, and opens up a new way for the extraction of refractory gold ores. It has good demonstration benefits and promotion prospects. The reasonable design, advanced technological process and high level of equipment of the project have been highly appraised by the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as "the international leader in overall technology".

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