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Haier semi-annual report released the increase of air-conditioning market share against the trend.
Sep 1,2020 15:34CST
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SMM Network News: the release of the China News in 2020 has come to an end, affected by the epidemic, the performance of most enterprises in the first half of the year showed an expected decline, fortunately, since the second quarter, many enterprises have shown a clear recovery.

Haier Zhijia's semi-annual report results significantly reflect this trend. Although overall revenue and profits declined in the first half of the year, the overall operating trend in the second quarter improved month by month, with both revenue and profits increasing in June, reaching 20.6% and 21.4% respectively.

The business of white electricity is growing strongly, and the performance of air conditioning is even more commendable. Data show that Haier air conditioners in the second quarter of a single quarter of domestic income growth reached 20%, market share increased at the same time. In the first half of this year, the proportion of domestic online and offline domestic household air conditioners in Haier increased by 2.7% and 2.3% respectively, while the income of the Casati series, which locates at the top end of the market, grew by more than 70%.

According to the data of the semi-annual report, the healthy air layout that Haier Air Conditioner has adhered to for many years is ushering in an inflection point, especially the sales of high-end brands and scene complete sets of equipment have the trend of explosive growth.

In Haier Zhijia's huge product line family, the air-conditioning business was once seen as a deficiency. In recent years, starting from the needs of users, Haier Air conditioning has taken the lead in putting forward the concept of creating healthy air, focusing on green intelligent product innovation, and devoting itself to the research, development and promotion of healthy air solutions, whether in domestic or overseas markets. have shown a momentum of steady growth.

At the same time, as one of the important leading brands of household appliances in China, Haier Air Conditioner is also the witness and participant of important industry events. Haier Air Conditioner has also paid close attention to the "Green Manufacturing trend" as its mission. Haier Air Conditioner has won the grand prize for three consecutive years.

"witness the brand legend, carry forward the spirit of innovation, highlight the core strength", Haier Air conditioning sent a message at the first time with the arrival of the HVAC Summit in 2020.

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