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Yunnan Aluminum Yixin Hydropower and Aluminum Project passed Special acceptance
Sep 1,2020 11:19CST
Source:Yun Aluminium Yixin
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SMM News: August 28, Heqing County, five acceptance units 9 experts on the company's green low-carbon hydropower aluminum processing integration project Heqing planning special acceptance. After examination, the acceptance group agreed that the company's total building area, volume ratio, building density and green space rate met the requirements of land use planning and approval plan, and agreed to pass the acceptance. Zhao Gang, deputy general manager of the company, surveying and mapping units and related personnel attended.

The expert group is divided into three acceptance groups, by means of viewing data, on-site surveying and mapping, and inquiring, comparing the red lines of land, the approval of planning permits, real property certificates, as well as various control indicators and physical measurements on the spot, verify in detail whether the building indicators such as building unit, green space rate, volume rate, building density and other structural indicators meet the relevant requirements of planning and approval documents, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the planning acceptance.

Zhao Gang thanked the expert group for coming to the inspection work and the Dali Mingyu surveying and mapping unit for the hard work of planning and mapping for the hydropower and aluminum project. He stressed that the hydropower and aluminum processing integration project is not only a key investment attraction project in Yunnan Province, Dali Prefecture and Heqing County, but also a strategic agreement signed between Chinalco Group and Yunnan Province to "build a 100 billion-level Southwest Aluminum Industry key Project". Yunnan Aluminum Yixin strictly in accordance with the requirements of design planning and approval indicators, careful construction and good records. (Zhang Tengli, Party Branch of equipment and Energy Technology Center)

In order to further improve the safety awareness and professional skills of high-voltage electricians and low-voltage electricians, and to ensure that all special operation employees successfully obtain high-and low-voltage electrician certificates and take up posts in accordance with the law, recently, the company organized a training course for high-and low-voltage electrician forensics, which was attended by 54 front-line operators from the grass-roots level.

The training invites professional teachers of Dali Anfa Safety production training Co., Ltd. to give lectures, using the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to systematically explain the theoretical knowledge, laws and regulations, safety operation and emergency treatment of high-voltage and low-voltage electrical operations. In order to improve the training effect, the lecturer enumerated the safety production accident cases of high-voltage electrician and low-voltage electrician, deeply analyzed the causes of the accident, and described the relevant preventive measures to ensure that the trainees were proficient in the skills and safety essentials of high-voltage electrician operation. After the training, the participants will review the training contents carefully and go to Dali in early September for examination and evidence collection.

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