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The new "solid waste Law" today, the implementation of waste lead-acid battery enterprises must know five things!
Sep 1,2020 11:16CST
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Introduction: there is a kind of battery called "waste lead battery", which can not be used well to pollute the environment and affect human health. How to deal with it? Please read this article!

In order to promote the implementation of the extended producer responsibility system and effectively prevent and control environmental pollution, in November 2019, the China Environmental Protection Foundation and the solid waste and Chemicals Management Technology Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment jointly launched the China Environmental Protection Foundation producer responsibility extension system Promotion Fund. In January 2020, with the donation support of Shenzhen lead Network Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the work plan of "Information Management Project for the whole process of Collection and treatment of waste lead Storage Battery" was approved, which became the first project supported by the fund.

To the public, although waste lead batteries have long been "listed" in the National Hazardous waste list, and there are very strict regulations on its collection, storage, transportation, and utilization, in practice, there are problems in the recovery of waste lead batteries, such as multi-head recovery, illegal operation, disorderly competition, and so on. Some waste lead batteries flow into the illegal disposal link through individual recycling vendors and cannot be treated innocuously. Become an important risk source of environmental pollution. Today, the new "solid waste Law" is officially implemented, about waste lead-acid batteries, these knowledge points, together to understand!

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