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China Metallurgical International wins construction contract for Nickel Iron and Steel Project on OBI Island in Indonesia
Jul 31,2020 14:47CST
Source:China Metallurgical Science and Industry Group
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SMM: July 27th, China Metallurgical International Indonesia Company signed a contract for the construction of the first section of the OBI nickel-iron project in Indonesia. This is once again rewarded by Indonesian companies after continuous ploughing in the Indonesian mining and metallurgical engineering market.

The OBI Nickel-Iron Project in Indonesia is located in the OBI Island mining area of North Maluku Province in Indonesia. The project consists of eight nickel-iron smelting production lines, using the raw ore of the mining area, with an annual output of 900000 tons of nickel-iron products.

The first section of the project belongs to the main project of the project, including the main building of the factory building, process equipment, automatic control, civil construction and installation of factory roads and public auxiliary facilities, as well as commissioning, transportation and other work. The construction period is 400 days and will be carried out in cooperation between China Metallurgical International Indonesia Company and Shanghai Baoye.

Over the years, China Metallurgical International Indonesia Co., Ltd. has focused on the main industry of China Metallurgical Industry, aimed at Indonesia's rich mineral resources, and continued to make efforts in the field of smelting and construction engineering in Indonesia. Since 2016, MCC has successively signed contracts for the construction of a number of large-scale metallurgical construction projects, such as the first phase of Indonesia's OBI new cast pipe nickel-iron smelting project, the MSP4# line project, Indonesia's OBI nickel-cobalt project section 1, section 5, and Indonesia's OBI nickel-iron project section 1, making OBI Island, an once barren desert island, an important base for the smelting export of nickel laterite in Indonesia.

The OBI nickel-cobalt project under construction in Indonesia uses the most complete range of pyrometallurgical and wet smelting processes for laterite nickel ore processing in Indonesia, as well as unique construction experience, which polishes the gold-lettered signboard of MCC in the Indonesian smelting and construction market.

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