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The head battery enterprises such as Ningde era are the first to enter the electric heavy truck.
Jul 30,2020 09:43CST
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SMM News: the continuous maturity of battery technology, the gradual clarity of the business model, and the continuous decline in battery costs are making batteries have opportunities to expand their hands and feet in more areas. The field of construction machinery and heavy truck vehicles, once regarded as the hydrogen fuel cell stage, has been pre-empted by power cells in the past two years, and the road of heavy truck electrification has been opened.

In June, the board of directors of the California Air Resources Board voted at an online meeting to approve the world's first rule requiring truckers to switch from diesel trucks and trucks to electric zero-emission trucks, including fuel cell vehicles. It is reported that California promotes the transformation of trucks and trucks to clean power, "because only 6.7% of the 2 million trucks in California bring 70% of the smoke pollution and 80% of the carcinogenic diesel fumes." The electrification of trucks and trucks will undoubtedly reduce or completely eliminate this "source of pollution". While 2 million trucks are fully electrified, the demand for power batteries will be very considerable.

Coincidentally, at the two sessions held in May this year, Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde Times, submitted two proposals related to the development of the new energy industry. One of them is: "make every effort to promote the proposal of electrifying vehicles in public service areas such as construction machinery and heavy trucks to win the blue sky defense war to form a global industrial highland." Zeng Yuqun said that by the end of 2019, there were nearly 15 million construction machinery and heavy trucks in China. These two types of vehicles have high fuel consumption and heavy pollution, and the annual oil consumption is equivalent to 200 million cars. Promoting the electrification of heavy trucks and construction machinery vehicles will effectively solve the pollution problem and ease the pressure on energy supply.

01. The trend of heavy truck electrification promoted by policy and market is obvious.

"compared with traditional fuel heavy truck vehicles, electric heavy trucks have advantages in terms of use cost, driving experience and environmental friendliness," JAC said.

In terms of use cost, a data provided by Ningde Times shows that the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers of fuel heavy trucks is about 40L, or about 240 yuan, while the power consumption of electric heavy trucks is only 120kWhh, or about 180 yuan, saving nearly 6000 yuan for 10, 000 kilometers. For heavy truck vehicles with high frequency of use, the annual cost savings of using electric vehicles will be very considerable.

In the environment-friendly aspect, the driving noise of the electric heavy truck is very low, and the parking operation is almost silent, while the noise of the fuel heavy truck is relatively loud whether it is driving or working.

Because of the loud noise, the driving of fuel heavy trucks is often restricted by road control, and the working time is obviously affected. It is understood that at present, some provinces and cities in China are working on promoting the electric application of heavy trucks and construction machinery. "taking dump trucks as an example, promoting the electrification of dump trucks and increasing the allowable travel time of electric dump trucks during daytime off-peak traffic periods can not only shorten the construction cycle of construction projects, but also reduce pollutant emissions. At the same time, reduce road traffic noise pollution and shorten the impact of construction noise on the living environment of residents."

In fact, compared with fuel heavy trucks, the only disadvantages of electric heavy trucks are the cost of buying cars for the first time and the speed of energy filling. At present, the electric heavy truck has a large amount of power battery, and the cost is slightly higher than that of the fuel heavy truck; on the other hand, the charging time of the electric heavy truck is relatively long.

However, with the innovation of business models, such as battery leasing and power exchange, these disadvantages of electric heavy trucks are gradually being offset.

There is policy support for the electrification of domestic heavy trucks and construction machinery vehicles. In the past few years, China's financial subsidies for new energy vehicles, heavy trucks, construction machinery vehicles have been as new energy trucks, enjoy the relevant subsidies. In addition, local governments have also given priority to vehicle procurement and upgrading. For example, in order to implement the 2018 Shenzhen Blue Sustainable Action Plan, Shenzhen plans to implement the full electrification of 15000 dump trucks in the city. and proposed incentives for excess emission reduction, attracting car companies such as BYD, Kaiwo Automobile and Xugong heavy Industry to land.

In fact, when hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are still in their infancy and may not be commercialized on a large scale in the short term, most voices in the industry believe that electric heavy trucks are undoubtedly the better choice. Some construction machinery and truck manufacturers with a keen sense of smell, such as BYD, Sinotruk, BAIC Foton, Shaanxi Automobile, Geely remote, FAW Jiefang, Dongfeng, Valin, Kaiwo, Xugong, Zoomlion, Sany, and so on, have laid out electric models.

In foreign countries, policies are also promoting the electrification of related models. In some countries in Europe and North America, in order to meet carbon emission regulations and implement zero-emission transportation programs, many car companies have also increased the electric layout of heavy trucks and construction machinery vehicles in recent years, including Tesla, Volvo, Daimler, Renault, Mann, Scania, etc., have launched heavy truck, construction machinery vehicle electrification programs, new products have also been unveiled on different occasions.

02. Head battery companies have taken the lead in entering

Data show that at present, there are nearly 15 million construction machinery and heavy trucks in China. Among them, logistics heavy truck sales accounted for about 72%, including semi-trailer tractors, traction vehicles, warehouse-grid transport vehicles, vehicle transport vehicles and other types of vehicles related to freight transport; engineering heavy truck sales accounted for about 28%. It includes dump trucks, concrete mixers, truck cranes and other products used on the construction site.

In fact, it is this market segment, which is relatively far away from the public, that the potential demand for power batteries is far beyond people's imagination. According to the data, in 2019, the total sales of trucks in China is about 3.85 million, of which about 24000 are pure electric vehicles, accounting for only 0.62%.

At present, the carrying capacity of construction machinery and heavy trucks is generally between 100 and 400kWh. If the annual sales permeability of electric trucks reaches 30% in the future, as measured by the 200kWh of the carrying capacity of each vehicle, then the demand for power batteries will exceed 260GWh.If you take into account the need for spare batteries for power exchange operations, this cake is also attractive enough.

At the two sessions this year, the proposal made by Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde Times, also shows that Ningde Times has noticed this potential market opportunity. In his proposal, Zeng Yuqun suggested: first, to carry out demonstration projects to speed up the promotion and application; second, to establish relevant standards and regulations to guide technological development; third, to consolidate the leading position of China's core components; fourth, to formulate policies to encourage business model innovation, so as to guide the electrified development of construction machinery and heavy truck industry.

While calling for policy support, Ningde era has actively cooperated with car companies to seize this market in recent years.

In April this year, Ningde Times and Sany Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Fujian. The two sides will cooperate closely in the field of new energy construction machinery to promote the electrified development of the construction machinery industry. Data show that Sany heavy Industry, a subsidiary of Sany Group, is the global leader in construction machinery, and its domestic market share of construction machinery products has reached 25.6%.

In May this year, FAW Jiefang's first batch of pure electric heavy truck J6P 8X4 models were delivered to Beijing Municipal Road and Bridge Group. It is reported that the battery partner of heavy truck J6P 8X4 model is also Ningde era. According to Beijing Road and Bridge Group, the company also plans to introduce 120 Jiefang New Energy pure electric heavy trucks in batches.

In early July, Henan Yueli Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Ningde Times and Henan Yueli Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., was officially established in Henan Province. According to Ningde Times, the new company will provide full-process solutions for technology research and development and industrial promotion of electric intelligent unmanned mines.

Recently, the delivery of the first batch of new energy heavy truck vehicles developed by Ningde Times and Fukuda Zhilan New Energy means that the first commercial application scene of power exchange heavy truck in China has officially landed.

According to incomplete statistics, by the end of June this year, Ningde era had cooperated with dozens of automobile companies such as FAW Jiefang, Universiade, Yutong, Bei Ben, Sany, etc., in the field of construction machinery and heavy trucks to actively distribute this market.

Not only in China, Ningde era has also pushed the battery to the international heavy truck market. In September 2019, Ningde Times signed a global power battery procurement agreement with Daimlerka bus Company to provide reliable lithium electric power for its electric series of trucks. Under the agreement, Ningde Times will provide power batteries for a number of truck series launched by Daimlerka bus since 2021, including Mercedes-Benz eActros,Freightliner eCascadia and FreightlinereM2.

BYD, another domestic battery giant, is also an active member in the field of electric heavy trucks. As early as 2013, BYD began to develop electric trucks. "BYD has put in more than 6000 pure electric heavy trucks," said Wang Chuanfu, BYD's chairman, earlier this year.

From the published new energy vehicle recommendation announcement catalogue data, Ningde Times, BYD, Lishen Battery, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Tafel and other battery manufacturers have entered this market. For example, Sinotruk Haowo T5G electric collection card and Shaanxi Xunde E6 are all equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries of Lishen battery; Geely long-distance pure electric heavy-duty dump trucks, Kaiwo Group pure electric heavy-duty dump trucks, supporting battery suppliers are Yiwei Lithium Energy.

"Pure electric heavy trucks have been explored for several years, and it should be said that they have found a market breakthrough, so the actions of car companies and battery enterprises are obviously accelerating this year," some industry analysts pointed out. However, construction machinery and heavy truck vehicles have higher requirements for battery technology, product consistency and cycle life because of the particularity of the use environment, as well as higher requirements for battery technology and after-sales service.

Of course, for electric heavy trucks, the most important thing is to open the market, there is a big enough cake to attract, I believe there will be more power battery manufacturers to enter the market, but also because of the influx of more enterprises, will quickly promote the healthy development of this market.

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