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Musk: willing to supply batteries to other automakers
Jul 29,2020 13:27CST
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SMM: Elon Musk (Elon Musk), CEO of Tesla (Tesla Inc.), said on Tuesday that Tesla is open to licensing software, powertrain and battery supply.

Tesla has previously supplied batteries to Mercedes (Mercedes) and Toyota (Toyota Motor) through separate cooperation agreements. Analysts and industry officials say the US electric carmaker has a competitive advantage in battery manufacturing compared with traditional carmakers.

"Tesla is open to licensed software, powertrain and batteries," Musk said on Twitter. We just want to accelerate the development of sustainable energy, not crush our competitors! "

It is not clear what type of battery it will provide. Tesla currently has a battery joint venture with Panasonic company (Panasonic Corp.) and also buys batteries from China's Ningde time New Energy Technology company (Contemporary Amperex Technology, (CATL) and South Korea's LG Chem.

Tesla also plans to build his own battery manufacturing plant in Fremont,California, Calif., through the "roadrunner" project.

Battery is the most expensive and important part of electric vehicle (EV). "Tesla's supply could lower the barriers to entry for start-up electric carmakers and pose a potential threat to traditional carmakers with their own platforms," said Park Chul-wan, a professor at Seoul University and a South Korean battery expert.

"if Tesla's opening strategy is successful, it will increase the dependence of the electric vehicle market on Tesla," he said. "

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