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Chinese version of aluminum alloy "flood control artifact" unveiled in Wuhan
Jul 29,2020 13:17CST
Source:China Nonferrous Metals Daily
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SMM Network: July 18, "Yangtze River 2020 No. 2 Flood" arrived at the three Gorges Dam, located in Wuhan, a key city in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. As an important hub for water conservancy operation connecting Hanjiang River, Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake, it bears great pressure on flood control and flood fighting. On July 17, a brand-new aluminum alloy assembled flood control wall with a length of 858 meters and a height of 2 meters was put into use in the Yueliang Bay dike on the Wuchang River Beach, becoming a "flood control artifact" to alleviate the pressure of flood control in Wuhan.

This new type of flood control wall is not only strong and safe, but also has its own "good appearance", which has become a beautiful scenery by the riverside, and has been affectionately called the Chinese version of "flood control artifact" by netizens. It is understood that the new flood control wall is widely used in more than 20 gates in Wuhan, designed and constructed by Wuhan Flood Control Survey and Design Institute, and aluminum profiles are provided by Guangdong Feng Aluminum Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., with a supply capacity of 600 tons.

It is reported that the baffle of the flood control wall is 6061 T6 high strength aluminum profile, which is extruded by Fengfeng Aluminum large tonnage extrusion production line. It has high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, and can withstand flood erosion for a long time and high strength compression. Each baffle is 20cm wide and 4cm thick, with a wall thickness between 9mm~19.5mm and a length of 3.6m. The cavity design is adopted in the middle of the product, which effectively reduces the self-weight of the product; the surface is treated by electrophoresis, and there is a bearing joint between the baffle and the baffle, equipped with EPDM waterproof adhesive strip, and the waterproof effect is more than 99%. Compared with the traditional fill dike and reinforced concrete flood control dike, the installation of aluminum alloy flood control wall is simple. Two people can lay 70 meters long in a day. If there are enough personnel, more than 800 meters of flood control wall can be assembled in a few hours. This has a great advantage in dealing with emergency flood situations. In addition, the aluminum alloy flood control wall can also be removed in non-flood season to facilitate the public to view the scenery, hydrophilic, and minimize the impact on the ecological environment.

At present, this kind of assembled flood control wall has been widely used in Europe and has played an important role in the flood period in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries. The currently used Chinese version of aluminum alloy flood control wall has been tested, tested and tested for many years, and various technologies have become mature and can meet the requirements of flood control in terms of self-stability, waterproofing, installation, management and protection.

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