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The United States extends the term of emergency loans gold and silver short-term stable strong shock
Jul 29,2020 10:21CST
Source:Beit futures
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SMM Network News: [outer disk, news] overnight, international gold and silver showed a huge shock. COMEX gold closed at 1966.9, up 0.61%. The daily line closed at Spindle Xiaoyang, which remained above the 2011 high. The daily average long-term arrangement remained unchanged, and the short-term performance was a strong adjustment, support 1923, pressure 2000; COMEX silver closed at 24.595, down 0.87%. The daily line closed with a long shadow, the intraday high has reached the lower edge of the 2011-2012 concussion range, the 5-day moving average has slowed down, the MACD red column has been shortened, the short-term performance is shock adjustment, support 23.3, pressure 25.0.

News side: the Conference Board Consumer confidence Index in the United States in July was 92.6, expected to be 94.4, compared with a previous value of 98.1. In the United States, Redbook commercial retail sales fell at an annual rate of 8.7% in the week ended July 25. The quarterly house price index of S&P/CS10 major cities in the United States rose at an annual rate of 3.69% in May and is expected to rise 4.1%, compared with a previous increase of 4%. The Federal Reserve announced that it would extend the seven emergency loan facilities launched since March this year for three months to December 31, 2020. The $1 trillion aid package announced by Republicans in the U.S. Senate has been opposed by Democrats and Republicans.

[fund position] the gold ETF position was 1243.12 tons, an increase of 0.69% over the previous day, while the silver ETF position was 17611.72, an increase of 1.33% over the previous day.

[futures trend] on the domestic side last night, Shanghai gold fell and rebounded after opening, the short-term was supported by the 5-day moving average, the daily average and MACD uplink opening, the upward trend was effective; Shanghai silver opened low and fell and then stabilized, the daily average and MACD were maintained, and the intraday price was also supported by the 5-day moving average, and the short-term form was not damaged for the time being, which was shown as a technical correction after continuous rise. In terms of fundamentals, overseas novel coronavirus confirmed cases continue to climb, and the two major supports of risk aversion and relaxation under the epidemic remain unchanged. Tensions between China and the United States remain, and ETF positions continue to grow, providing support for gold and silver. Although the US Senate aid plan was opposed and the US dollar remained stable for the time being, China's gold consumption fell sharply in the first half of the year, affecting the sentiment of the market bulls. However, the United States continues the emergency lending mechanism, and the Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting is being held, the market has a wait-and-see mentality, gold and silver turned into a strong adjustment in the short term. AU2012 support 425, pressure 440 × AG2012 support 5660, pressure 5850, 6000.

[operating strategy] Shanghai gold is bullish in the medium term, strong adjustment in the short term, AU2012 is held cautiously; Shanghai Bank rises in the medium term, short-term wide concussion, AG2012 multi-single reference technical level in the market to buy short-term rolling.

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