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[small Metal Summit] present situation and future development of antimony industry in Lengshuijiang
Jul 28,2020 20:46CST
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SMM7 March 28: on July 24th, at the "2020 small Metal Industry Summit" hosted by SMM, Duan Pingping, member of the standing Committee of the CPC Lengshuijiang Municipal CPC Committee / Secretary of the political and legal Commission and head of the Lengshuijiang antimony industry chain, brought a speech with the theme of "current situation and future development ideas of antimony industry in Lengshuijiang".

Lengshuijiang City, Hunan Province is known as the "antimony capital of the world". The antimony mining in Xikuangshan has a history of 123 years. The city has an annual smelting capacity of 66000 tons and employs more than 6000 people (about 3000 people in private enterprises). The main products include more than 20 varieties, such as refined antimony, antimony trioxide, antimony beads, antimony sulfide, high purity antimony and so on. By 2020, there will be 9 antimony smelting enterprises in the city, 8 production enterprises (Flash Star, Zhirong, Zhenqiang, Glory, Yanshan, Senyi, Sanjiu, Xiangfeng), and 1 stop production enterprise (Xinghua Nonferrous).

In 2019, the whole domestic antimony industry is still at a historical trough, the price of antimony ingots has been hovering low, and the price of antimony ingots has been lower than 40,000 yuan / ton for a long time. Since the first quarter of 2020, the market turnover has been less, the price of antimony ingots is about 35000 yuan / ton, and the buyer's market has shrunk obviously. It is difficult to buy raw ore and sell products. Antimony-related enterprises in our city are in a state of small profit or even loss, and it is difficult for them to survive.

Lengshuijiang City in Hunan Province has five major industrial advantages, namely, market advantage, talent advantage, resource advantage, structure advantage and people's livelihood advantage. But there are also some problems and difficulties. For example: short industrial chain, low added value of products, great pressure on environmental protection, lack of competitive advantage, imbalance between supply and demand, lack of innovation and so on.

In this regard, Duan Pingping, member of the standing Committee of the CPC Lengshuijiang Municipal CPC Committee / Secretary of the political and legal Commission and head of the Lengshuijiang antimony industry chain, put forward the following suggestions:

The first is to change the existing operation mode of antimony industry in our city. A joint-stock antimony products trading company is set up by Flash Antimony Industry and antimony-related private enterprises in our city, introducing investment from third-party fund companies (at present, private enterprises have discussed with the relevant responsible persons of Jianxin Investment and plan to endorse the funds of the new company), adopting the mode of modern management, various enterprises supply refined antimony according to shares, rent deep processing workshops in the flash antimony industry, produce antimony oxide and other deep processing products, and sell them uniformly to the outside world. Realize "borrowing a boat to go to sea". Through the establishment of antimony products trading companies, the city's antimony industry in terms of material procurement, product sales, tax payment and other aspects of standardized management, take effective measures, strictly prohibit "hacking in and out." If the establishment is successful, it is initially estimated that the tax revenue in 2020 will be increased by about 50 million yuan. after the market is standardized, the sales situation of antimony products enterprises will further improve, and the tax revenue will gradually increase to more than 100 million yuan.

The second is to make full use of block chain technology to promote the development of antimony industry. At present, according to the spirit of the Loudi City special meeting, both Loudi Chuangfa Group and Antimony have invested in buying shares in the Southern Stock Exchange, making use of the existing trading platform of the Southern Stock Exchange to promote the construction of the Antimony Gold Institute. Our office will actively connect with the relevant departments in Loudi, and the Finance Office of Loudi Municipal Government will supervise and support the acquisition of the South Stock Exchange. Loudi Chuangfa Group will go to the Gold Group to study and conduct in-depth research on antimony-related enterprises in our city. Wait for the completion of the research, and then formulate the project implementation plan.

The third is to promote the research and development of new processes for clean and efficient antimony smelting. At present, the antimony industry basically adopts the blast furnace volatilization melting-reverberatory furnace reduction smelting process successfully tested by Xikuangshan Mining Bureau in 1963, which has the advantages of strong raw material adaptability, high antimony oxygen volatilization rate, high production efficiency and so on. However, the process also has some defects, such as high energy consumption, large flue gas, arsenic-alkali slag and so on. In the future, the antimony smelting process should be the development of low-carbon, clean, short-flow metallurgical process. At present, with the increasing shortage of high-grade and high-quality antimony sulphide concentrate resources, it is of great significance to further carry out clean smelting and product deep processing of antimony hydrometallurgy and electrical process. Before the cleaner production, the arsenic-alkali residue produced is disposed of according to the principle of "who produces, who is responsible". After the arsenic-alkali slag harmless treatment line is officially put into operation, the arsenic-alkali residue will be paid by the production enterprise and digested step by step.

The fourth is to strengthen the industrial chain of deep processing of fine antimony products. We should aim at the deficiency of technology and market capacity of deep processing products from refined antimony to downstream antimony in our city, and comprehensively support or introduce relevant enterprises in the industrial chain in terms of policies, funds and supporting facilities, so as to achieve industrial and market breakthroughs in deep processing products such as flame retardant masterbatch, antimony glycol and sodium pyroantimonate downstream from refined antimony to antimony white and then downstream. These products have large market capacity, high added value and less pollution. It is the object for our city to concentrate its efforts on industrial breakthrough.

The fifth is to open up new application fields of antimony products. In the three main areas of downstream demand for antimony, antimony flame retardants and lead-antimony alloys (accounting for more than 70% of antimony consumption) are facing competition for substitutes, and consumer demand may shrink in the future, which poses a major challenge to the future survival and development of the antimony industry. For the long-term sustainable development of the antimony industry, it is necessary to develop new antimony products, open up new uses, and create a new increase in demand for antimony products. To offset the decline in traditional demand for antimony products. In the research and development of new antimony products, there are feasible application prospects in new optoelectronic materials, new energy battery materials, semiconductor materials and so on. In particular, new energy battery materials have the characteristics of large market capacity and large potential demand. At present, gratifying progress has been made in the research of carbon-doped antimony-based anode materials. Antimony-related enterprises in our city should follow closely, adopt the combination of industry, university and research, and cooperate with relevant research institutions to carry out scientific research. Strive to achieve a breakthrough in the industrialization of carbon-doped antimony-based anode materials.

The sixth is to jointly build a joint industry-university-research center. R & D is an important part of technological innovation, and pilot test is an important intermediate station to promote the transformation of technology to industry. Centering on the needs of scientific and technological innovation in the production practice and development planning of enterprises such as Flash Antimony Industry and Lion Rock Antimony Industry, and relying on well-known metallurgical universities and talent teams such as Central South University, we have jointly built a joint research center of industry, university and research, such as the Joint Research Institute of Flash Star Antimony Industry and Central South University. In the field of antimony smelting and deep processing, such as the new industry of clean antimony smelting, the deep processing technology of antimony products, the preparation technology of new antimony-containing composite anode materials, as well as the clean disposal of arsenic-alkali slag and the recovery of sulfur-containing gypsum residue, we will carry out all-round scientific research cooperation in the field of solid waste clean disposal, and strive to solve the key and fundamental practical problems restricting the high-quality development of antimony industry in our city.

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