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Qinghai: carry out special law enforcement inspection on production safety in iron and steel smelting enterprises
Jul 28,2020 15:11CST
Source:Website of Qinghai Provincial people's Government
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SMM: in order to seriously learn from the lessons of accidents in iron and steel smelting enterprises in recent years, and to prevent and resolve major safety risks in the iron and steel industry in Qinghai Province, the Qinghai Provincial Emergency Management Department organized production safety experts in the field of iron and steel smelting inside and outside the province, together with Xining City and Chengbei District Emergency Management Bureau, to carry out special law enforcement inspection on the iron and steel smelting plate of Xining Special Steel Group.

Law enforcement inspection follows the mode of "start meeting + on-site law enforcement inspection + wrap-up meeting", "enterprise responsible persons + safety management personnel + post operators present in the whole process", "law enforcement + experts" and "law enforcement + law popularization". By means of on-site inspection, on-site questions, access to materials, discussion and inquiry, Focus on high-risk operation links and areas, such as molten metal transfer operation, personnel duty room setting, gas monitoring and control, major hazard source management, etc., go deep into front-line workshops such as mining and metallurgical science and technology companies, steelmaking branch, rolling branch, sintering branch, energy branch, etc., and carry out law enforcement inspection from many aspects, such as the implementation of safety production responsibility, the construction of safety management system, the construction of archives accounts, on-site safety management, hazardous operation management, and so on.

In view of the 60 hidden dangers identified, production safety experts put forward suggestions for rectification and reform, and the Law Enforcement Bureau of the Provincial Emergency Department issued law enforcement documents in accordance with the law, requiring rectification and reform within a time limit, supervising and guiding enterprises to consciously correct illegal behavior, eliminate hidden dangers of accidents, and control safety risks.

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