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[note] "SMM online Q & A" has come to the market, price, information if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Jul 28,2020 14:17CST
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SMM7 March 27: precious metals have skyrocketed recently, and people in the car enjoy the joy of a bumper harvest. While people under the car do envy, they also ask themselves countless times: "do you want to get on the bus? is it too late?" Is there any room for growth? "

Tin prices in Shanghai have changed in the past two days. After surging more than 6% in intraday trading today, they dived very fast, scaring a bunch of investors who were rushing in with tickets: "enter or not, this is a major topic!"

. In addition to these, I believe there are all kinds of problems about market, price, industry development, enterprise operation and so on, which need to be solved urgently.

SMM is the one who understands you!

In order to help you solve your problems, SMM has carefully set up a "SMM Q & A" account on the "handheld Colored" APP [Information]-[Q & A] platform, where you can ask any questions. Within the scope of principles and research areas, SMM will use hundreds of analysts and industry resources of the company to provide professional answers for you in a timely manner!

Where can I find SMM Q & A?

Method 1: on the article page of "SMM online Q & A" on APP, click "visit TA's home page" on the right to ask questions.

Method 2: go to the [information]-[Q & A] page of "Palm Color" APP, and select "SMM online Q & A" among the recommended experts to ask questions. Of course, you can also choose other experts or macroeconomists, industry chain veterans of major institutions to ask questions.

Method 3: go to the [information]-[Q & A] page of "Palm Color" APP, and directly click the blue [question] button on the page to issue a reward question and answer.

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Question and answer

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