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[notice] 2020 China International Forum on Automobile Ecological Design and International Forum on Automotive Materials is coming!
Jul 28,2020 14:04CST
Source:China Automotive Technology Research Center
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At present, it is the common cause of mankind to deal with the epidemic of infectious diseases and climate change. in order to implement China's commitment to "peak carbon dioxide emissions around 2030", because of its significant energy consumption, the automobile industry has become one of the key areas of responsibility to deal with climate change. How to take this epidemic crisis as an opportunity to make full use of "hard core" scientific and technological achievements such as new materials, new energy, and new generation information technology to upgrade the development level and energy level of enterprises, cultivate and construct the ecosphere of the material industry, and build a solid green background of ecological cars? it has become an important way for enterprises in the automobile industry to look for certainty and new opportunities in the uncertain world.

For this reason, China Automotive Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. plans to hold "2020 China Automobile Ecological Design International Forum and Automotive Materials International Forum" in Tianjin on July 29-30, 2020 with the theme of "Ecological Materials and Automobile Future". By building a platform for exchange and cooperation among all parties in the automotive industry chain, we will jointly seek a new pattern of healthy and sustainable development of the automobile industry. At that time, experts from governments, enterprises and scientific research institutions at home and abroad will share the latest achievements of green and low-carbon development of the automotive industry, explore hot topics such as healthy and intelligent cockpit, lightweight, painting and anticorrosion, and discuss the development prospect of automobile multi-field integration and innovation.

This forum is full of practical information, so we specially provide online live broadcast channels for friends who are unable to attend the meeting, so that you can capture all the contents of the forum even if you are thousands of miles away. The following is the content and time of the live broadcast.

Live broadcast time:

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