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Jiangsu: promoting the special rectification of production safety in metallurgical and other industrial and trade industries
Jul 28,2020 10:19CST
Source:Department of Emergency Management of Jiangsu Province
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SMM News: a few days ago, Jiangsu Province, metallurgy and other industrial and trade industries to promote the special rectification of production safety will be held in Nanjing. The meeting studied, publicized and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on production safety, exchanged safety supervision practices in key industries such as iron and steel, deep well casting, dust explosion and other key industries, and reported on the development of special rectification work in various cities. the use of the administrative law enforcement system for production safety in the province was reported, the progress of special rectification in the province in the first half of the year was summarized, and the situation and tasks facing production safety in metallurgy and other industrial and trade industries were studied and analyzed. The focus of the next phase has been deployed. Su Bin, chief engineer of Jiangsu Emergency Management Department, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The meeting held that all localities attach great importance to the special rectification action on production safety and implement the requirements of the Jiangsu production Safety Supervision Group of the State Council and the provincial party committee and provincial government with a resolute attitude, prompt action, and effective measures. Highlight the key points, focus on high-temperature molten metal, metallurgical gas, dust explosion, deep well casting and other key industries, solidly promote special rectification, and promote the steady improvement of the production safety situation in the industry and trade industry.

The meeting pointed out that some enterprises still do not pay enough attention to the special rectification work, the rectification work is not close enough with the reality of the enterprises, the work objectives are not clear enough, and the ability to investigate hidden problems needs to be improved. Special rectification and promotion efforts in some areas are not balanced, metallurgical industry and trade supervision and law enforcement personnel are uneven, and law enforcement accuracy in key industries is not enough, so it is still necessary to strengthen supervision and law enforcement in supervising and urging enterprises to implement the responsibility of production safety. to ensure the effectiveness of rectification.

The meeting demanded that all localities continue to maintain their drive, overcome all difficulties, and further promote the special rectification of the industrial and trade industry. In terms of understanding, it is necessary to bear in mind the responsibilities and tasks of emergency management departments and strengthen political responsibility, not only to burn well the "small stove", but also to promote the "big stove" as a whole. In terms of methods, we should pay close attention to the key points such as iron and steel, dust, and deep well casting, carry out accurate treatment, select trees to demonstrate typical models, explore the use of advanced technology, establish a normal long-term mechanism, and further promote special regulation. In terms of ability, it is necessary to stabilize the supervision team, expand the supervision personnel, enhance the supervision ability, think hard and do more research, so as to ensure that the special rectification is capable and successful. In terms of effectiveness, it is necessary to compare the implementation plan for the special rectification of metallurgical industry and trade, and in accordance with the requirements of "more than half of the time and more than half of the tasks," we should step up efforts to check and fill gaps, make up lessons and upgrade in a timely manner, and actively rectify the hidden dangers found by supervisors at the national, provincial, municipal, and county levels.

At the meeting, Wuxi, Suzhou, and Lianyungang City Emergency Management Bureau respectively exchanged the situation of deep well casting, dust explosion, and special rectification in the iron and steel industry, and 13 districts and cities reported the phased progress of the special rectification of production safety in metallurgical and other industrial and trade industries. The person in charge of the emergency management bureau of each district and city, the person in charge of the relevant office, and the detachment leader of the law enforcement supervision detachment attended the meeting.

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