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[overnight quotation] the outer plate metal rose across the board, Lunxi and Lunqin rose by more than 2%.
Jul 28, 2020 06:39CST

SMM7 March 28: on the last trading day, Luntan metal market rose across the board, Luntan rose 0.47%, Lun aluminum rose 0.77%, Lunzn zinc rose 1.06%, Lunni rose 1.21%, Lunxi rose 2.44%, and Lunxi lead rose 2.49%. In the domestic market, shanghai copper fell 0.14%, shanghai aluminum rose 0.42%, shanghai zinc rose 0.17%, shanghai lead rose 1.72%, shanghai nickel rose 0.51%, shanghai tin rose 2.06%, thread fell 0.35%, and stainless steel fell 0.04%.

The dollar index fell 0.74 per cent to 93.64, its lowest level in recent years, and last week net short positions rose to its highest level since April 2018. The Fed is expected to renew its commitment to keep interest rates low because of concerns about soaring new cases in the United States and a meeting of the Federal Reserve this week. no, no, no.

By the close, the S & P 500 was up 0.74% at 3239.41, the NASDAQ was up 1.67% at 10536.27, and the Dow was up 0.43% at 26584.77. Share prices are still rising further against the backdrop of the market's widespread expectation of a sharp drop in revenue of listed companies. The US economy has shown signs of bottoming out in the past few weeks, but as the number of confirmed outbreaks increases further, renewed blockades by US states will disrupt the existing progress of economic restart.

WTI September crude oil futures closed up 31 cents, or 0.75 percent, at 41.60 U.S. dollars per barrel, while Brent crude oil futures closed up 20 cents, or 0.46 percent, at 43.54 U.S. dollars per barrel.

COMEX august gold futures closed up $33.50, or 1.8%, at $1931.00 an ounce. Spot gold broke through $1940 an ounce on Monday, an all-time high, driven by concerns about the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the global economy, a weak dollar and investor concerns about the sustainability of the recent rally in US stocks.

In terms of data,

Annual profit rate of industrial enterprises above scale in China in June: 6.00% announcement: 11.5%

The profit of China's industrial enterprises above scale in June (100 million yuan) before value: 5823.4 announcement: 6665.5

Zhu Hong, senior statistician of the Industry Department of the National Bureau of Statistics: at present, the global epidemic continues to spread, the international economic and trade situation is complex and grim, and the sustainability of industrial profit growth is still uncertain. In the next stage, it is necessary to continue to thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, scientifically coordinate the regular prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development, do a solid job in the work of "six stability," and comprehensively implement the tasks of "six guarantees." we will actively implement various policies to support enterprises, stabilize the basic economic market, and constantly consolidate the momentum of the recovery of the industrial economy.

Germany IFO business climate index for July: 86.2 expected: 89.3 announcement: 90.5

IFO Economist, a German think-tank: IFO survey shows that the third quarter got off to a good start and optimism is gradually returning. IFO maintained its forecast for German GDP growth of 6.9% in the third quarter.

Us June durable goods orders monthly rate: 15.70% expected: 7.2% announcement: 7.3%

Agency comments on the monthly rate of US durable goods orders in June: us durable goods orders rose more than expected in June as companies reacted to a sudden increase in demand as the US state economy restarted more broadly.

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