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Jinxi heavy Industry sets a new record for the largest section steel roll ring exported from China.
Jul 27,2020 14:17CST
Source:Jinxi Group
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SMM Network News: China's export of the largest profile steel roll ring record has been refreshed!

In July 2020, the Φ 1530 large section roll ring, the largest export, was put off the line in Jinxi heavy Industry, a national high-tech enterprise and an equipment manufacturing subsidiary of the Group. It was sent to (Evraz) of Evraz Group, one of the largest iron and steel production enterprises in Russia, and (NTMK), of Tajir Iron and Steel Company was used to roll H-beam in universal rolling mill.

Φ 1500-Φ 2200 roll ring is suitable for rolling super large steel and steel sheet piles. because of its thick wall, large tonnage, complex casting process and difficulty in manufacture, it is a scarce product in the market and few domestic enterprises are in production.

This order, signed by both sides in March this year, covers Φ 1530 × 320 and Φ 1530 × 380 series roll rings.

The Φ 1530 section steel roll ring sold by Jinxi heavy Industry to (NTMK) of Tajir Iron and Steel Co., Ltd under (Evraz) of Yafraz Group is the largest section steel roll ring exported by China at present, which sets a new record for the history of the largest section steel roll ring exported by China (Φ 1402). It not only leads the domestic roll ring market, goes to the international stage, demonstrates the strength of "Jinxi Smart Manufacturing", and promotes the image of Jinxi international brand. It also marks a major breakthrough in the application of rolled section steel roll ring manufacturing in Jinxi heavy industry, becoming the first domestic enterprise to export the largest section steel roll ring equipment manufacturing enterprise, providing strong support for the group to build the world's largest section steel production and application base.

Jinxi heavy Industry insists on high-quality development and strengthens product research and development. the Φ 1750 × 720 large section steel roll ring has been successfully put into use in the steel sheet pile and super H-beam production line in the group in August 2018. At the same time, in addition to meeting the demand for large-size steel roll rings in the domestic market, we also actively expand overseas markets and carefully shape the international brand image of Jinxi, so as to enhance the influence of Jinxi heavy steel roll rings in the international market.

Jinxi heavy Industry and Yafraz Group, one of the world's top 500 Russian largest steel manufacturers, conducted in-depth negotiations on product manufacturing progress and process parameters, and finally reached a consensus. After signing the order, Jinxi heavy Industry attaches great importance to it, and the technical team makes a detailed study from the product material, size, process, etc., and specially formulates the production organization, process control, product delivery and other plans to build a "green channel" in each link to provide customers with quality products and services. Among them, in the research and development of the localization of large section steel roll ring production, we seek new breakthroughs from the product material, casting process, heat treatment process, machining process and other aspects to ensure that this batch of large section steel roll ring orders are delivered to customers with high quality as scheduled.

After nearly five months of unremitting efforts, at present, Jinxi heavy Industry has completed some orders, recently delivered one after another, and the rest of the products are under tight production.

Jinxi heavy Industry is a national high-tech enterprise, it can produce Φ 1750, Φ 1600, Φ 1530, Φ 1402, Φ 1360, Φ 1180, Φ 1168, Φ 1126, Φ 1100, Φ 1050, Φ 1032, Φ 1000, Φ 780,890 series of horizontal roll rings and H-shaped steel rings such as Φ 980,890,730,730,660,540 series vertical roll rings. Besides being used in the group, it is also widely used in Rizhao Iron and Steel, Anshan Baode Steel, American Mittal, British Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. It has been sold to 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China and more than a dozen countries such as Japan, India, the United States and Germany, and has established good product sales relations with more than 280 enterprises at home and abroad, and the pattern of building the largest roll ring production base in the country has been basically formed. At present, it has won 1 national key new product and 35 patents authorized by the state, of which 4 are invention patents, and 90% of the products have independent intellectual property rights. it has been awarded the honorary titles of "Top 100 Enterprises in China Foundry Industry", "leading Enterprises in Provincial Industrial clusters", "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" and "intellectual property advantage cultivation Unit of Hebei Province".

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