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Grangis "carry the dream forward to create a good 'aluminum'" co-production of "China Aluminum sheet, Strip and foil Industry Purchasing Distribution Map 2021 Edition"
Jul 27,2020 10:15CST
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As an important basic material for the development of our national economy, aluminum plate, strip and foil is widely used in aviation, aerospace, construction, printing, transportation, electronics, chemical industry, food, medicine and other industries. In order to promote the sustainable development of China's aluminum plate, strip and foil, SMM adheres to the original idea of building a "professional, practical and efficient" platform for the upstream and downstream of the domestic aluminum plate and foil industry, will re-investigate, collate and proofread the information of Chinese aluminum plate, strip and foil enterprises, and sincerely invite industry enterprises to jointly produce and release the "China Aluminum Plate, Strip and foil Industry Purchasing Distribution Map 2021". Hope to help downstream buyers and end customers to find suitable suppliers of aluminum sheet, strip and foil. At the same time, while working hard for the development of the aluminum plate, strip and foil industry, Grangis Aluminum (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with a strong posture for its help, actively join the co-production unit, hand in hand "plus" aluminum plate, strip and foil industry, with "make beautiful" to create the future of the industry!

Grangis Aluminum (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Grangis Aluminum (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a foreign company specializing in R & D and manufacturing of brazed aluminum alloy composites, and is the vice chairman of China Nonferrous Metal processing Association and Shanghai Aluminum Industry Association. The company is located in Jiading Industrial Zone, Shanghai, founded in September 1996, with a registered capital of US $55.84 million, covers an area of 80000 square meters and employs 518 people. at present, it has an annual production capacity of 120000 tons. In 2019, the output was 87631 tons and the sales volume was nearly 2.2 billion yuan. Although it has been challenged by unprecedented international trade frictions and the severe market situation of the global economic slowdown in the past two years, through internal optimization and lean management, striving for innovation, and constantly improving the quality of brands, products and services, the company has achieved relatively good business performance.


Aluminum alloy brazing composite material is the main raw material of automobile heat exchanger. Before the company invested and built a factory in Shanghai, this material was basically blank in China and 100% dependent on import. Since Shanghai Company put into mass production in 1999, it has opened a precedent for large-scale production of composite materials in China, and also completely eased the contradiction between supply and demand of domestic shortage. For more than 20 years, the company has been growing with the development of China's automobile industry, and at the same time, it has also promoted the rapid development of China's automobile lightweight and automobile heat exchanger parts industry. at that time, one of the two cars running on the road in China had to use our company's products, and the company was also proud that our country had completely got rid of imports. The annual output of the company has increased from several thousand tons when it was first put into production to about 100000 tons at present, which not only meets domestic needs, but also exports about 45 per cent of its output to all parts of the world. Not only that, but also led to the development of the domestic industry, in a very short time, completely changed the composite from a net importer to a net exporter, and made due contributions to the development and extension of the entire aluminum industry chain in China.

In 2004, the company also set up an R & D center with the support of its headquarters. after 15 years of cultivation and development, it has formed a high-level talent team of experts, postdoctors, doctorates, masters and returnees, equipped with world-class material testing and analysis instruments and test equipment, and has become an independent R & D center in the Asia-Pacific region. Its development has also been a strong support and reliable guarantee for the development of sophisticated products and better customer service.

Through the establishment and continuous improvement of the system for many years, the company has formed a set of institutional system that accords with the reality of enterprise production and operation and the requirements of modern enterprise system, and brings all the management work of the company into the track of procedure, institutionalization and standardization, so that there are rules to follow, rules must be followed, rules must be strictly enforced, and violations must be investigated, so as to ensure that the company's production and operation activities are carried out in an orderly manner.


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