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[SMM selenium spot Weekly Review] downstream consumption, stable selenium prices and stable operation (2020.7.20-2020.7.24)
Jul 26,2020 15:43CST
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This week, the domestic selenium market is in stable operation, the downstream is normal on-demand procurement, the price basically maintains the previous level, and the market mood is good.

Today, the transaction prices of SMM99.9% selenium powder are 95-120 yuan / kg, 99.9% selenium ingots are 100-125 yuan / kg, and crude selenium prices are 58-70 yuan / kg, which are the same as last week. The average price of selenium dioxide was 58-62 yuan / kg, and the average price rose 0.5 yuan / kg last Friday.

Selenium powder: 99.9% of foreign media selenium powder traded at 6.3-7.75 US dollars per pound, the price is the same as last week. The price of crude selenium of domestic raw materials remains strong, which largely supports the quotation confidence of selenium powder suppliers, and the quotation and transaction of refined selenium are relatively stable in the near future. Due to the influence of epidemic factors at home and abroad this year, the downstream demand for selenium powder has always been low, which is significantly lower than that in the same period last year. However, supported by costs, prices remained stable in July. As of Friday, most of the domestic 99.9% selenium powder prices were 95-100 yuan / kg, while the imported 99.9% selenium powder prices were mainly 105-120 yuan / kg.

In terms of selenium, the domestic selenium dioxide market is running smoothly this week. Like refined selenium products, diselenide is also affected by the cost of raw material selenium, and the price is strong. During the week, the transaction price of diselenide was mostly 57-60 yuan / kg, and the overall price remained upward in the second half of the week. The price of electrolytic manganese downstream of selenium rebounded on Tuesday, and the operating rate was relatively stable. A manganese factory in Guizhou purchased nearly 10 tons of diselenide, and the transaction price was around 60 yuan per kilogram. As of Friday, the mainstream transaction price of diselenite in China was concentrated in the range of 58-60 yuan per kilogram.

Next week is the last week of July, it is not known whether copper enterprises will still carry out inquiry bidding for crude selenium, and it is not known whether a large electrolytic manganese factory will purchase diselenide raw materials in July and August as scheduled. SMM believes that in terms of the current supply and demand side and the market mentality, the selenium market can continue to remain stable.

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