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The 15th lead and Zinc Summit came to a successful conclusion! There are many interesting points when the high-ranking friends are full of people.
Jul 24,2020 15:53CST
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On July 24th, the "2020 (15th) lead and Zinc Summit" and the "2020 small Metal Industry Summit" held by SMM in Changsha came to a successful conclusion!

The wind and rain passes through the border and the sun passes again! The trade war and the epidemic suddenly hit the entire industrial market and hit every practitioner in the heart. However, with the east wind of reform and opening up, Chinese entrepreneurs have become synonymous with wisdom and tenacious vitality. after a short period of darkness, we regroup again to achieve another self-challenge and self-transcendence! As long as you have a strong desire to survive, you can always find a reason to survive! This year, the scale of participation in the SMM lead and Zinc Summit and the small Metal Industry Summit reached a new high, which fully shows everyone's resourcefulness and strong will, and also shows that China's lead and zinc industry is still wayward towards a brighter and broader world!

The summit was delivered by Wang Minghui, General Manager of Hunan Nonferrous Metals holding Group Co., Ltd., Liu Qiuli, Secretary General of Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, and SMMCEO Fan Xin.

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On the morning of the first day of the summit, SMM carefully arranged face-to-face business negotiations and cooperation meetings for enterprises in the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain, where old friends were reunited and new friends were met. Our business circle has expanded again, and many business partners have been added to WeChat's address book.

In order to further promote the sustained, healthy and harmonious development of the zinc processing industry, a number of excellent industrial chain production enterprises are selected to improve the core competition and accelerate the development of the industry. In the "Zinc Star Cup" zinc processing materials outstanding enterprise award ceremony of the 15th lead and Zinc Summit in 2020, 25 award-winning enterprises were announced on the spot.

"View the list of 25 excellent enterprises of" Zinc Star Cup "zinc processing materials.

Distinguished speakers:

At this meeting, SMM invited Liang Zhonghua, chief macro analyst of China-Thailand Securities Research Institute, to bring the "banknote flood" era: the keynote speech on the search for "pan-gold" assets, interpreted the global macro-economy on the spot, and looked forward to a wide range of assets.

In addition, many industry experts, corporate bigwigs and senior analysts have made a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the current situation, prospects, policies and price trends of the lead, zinc and small metal industries.

Li Shilong, chairman of the technological Innovation Strategic Alliance of China's Renewable Resources Industry

Thinking and Prospect of the influence of epidemic period on the Development of recycled lead and Zinc Industry in China

The outbreak of the epidemic after the Spring Festival in 2020 has had a certain impact on the production and life of all walks of life in China; in particular, restrictions have been implemented in the three-industry service industries, such as transportation, aviation, tourism, restaurants, schools, factories and so on, such as transportation, aviation, tourism, restaurants, schools, factories and other densely populated areas. At the end of the Spring Festival, the price of lead and zinc was low and the work was weak. Some recycled lead and zinc enterprises had a panic attitude to the trend of the recycled lead and zinc industry, and the bosses' opinions on the prediction of the later stage of recycled lead and zinc were disorderly.

With the strong promotion of the CPC Central Committee and governments at all levels to speed up the resumption of work and production, it is clear that the development direction of grasping the prevention and control of the epidemic on the one hand and resuming production on the other, and most enterprises of recycled lead and zinc quickly organized to resume work and return to production and got out of the doldrums.

Lead is mainly used in lead-acid batteries. About 80% of China's annual refined lead production is used in the production of lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries contain about 70% metal lead and about 20% sulfuric acid. If they are not scientifically collected and used, it will pose a serious threat to the ecological environment. Once the waste acid seeps into the soil and causes water pollution under it (it is difficult to cure for a hundred years), excessive lead will do great harm to the nervous system and organs of the human body. However, lead has a dual nature, in addition to toxicity, lead is also an important resource, especially recycled lead is an urban mineral resource, which has high utilization value and economic value.

The output of recycled zinc in China is increasing year by year, ranking first in the world. According to data, China produced 1.5 million tons of recycled zinc in 2016 (an increase of 9.5 percent over the same period last year). In 2018, China produced 1.65 million tons of recycled zinc (an increase of 3.0 percent over the same period last year). In 2019, China produced 2.027 million tons of recycled zinc (an increase of 22.9 percent over the same period last year). However, there is still a certain gap in the proportion of recycled zinc production between China and developed countries. China's recycled zinc production accounts for only about 20% of the total zinc consumption; the United States and other developed countries exceed 30%.

The problems still need to be paid attention to in the development of recycled lead and zinc: 1. To promote the upgrading of recycled lead and zinc enterprises, improving the level of technology is the key. 2. Step up efforts to crack down on illegal, the protection of legitimate enterprises is the key 3. It is difficult to dispose of excess capacity of waste lead-acid batteries. The recycled zinc industry lacks due attention, and the recycled zinc agglomeration area fails to form a scale.

[lead and Zinc Summit] consideration and Prospect of the impact of epidemic period on the Development of China's recycled lead and Zinc Industry

Li Daisheng, senior analyst at SMM

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has led to changes in the supply at the mine end. What is the operation logic of the zinc market?

Historically, large-scale production reduction of zinc occurred in 2008 and 2015, and what they have in common is that zinc prices have fallen on a large scale, and domestic and foreign zinc concentrate enterprises have reduced production to deal with it. What is slightly different is that the price is highly correlated with domestic TC in 2008, while the price leading processing fee fell by about 6 months in 2015. At present, only 5% of domestic zinc mines lose money. Because domestic mines need to consider the early investment cost before reducing production, such as exploration right price and mining right price, and some state-owned enterprises and mines in order to protect employment, production and other factors, even if the price loss is serious, it will not easily reduce production.

Overseas mines have resumed production and delivery, Q3~Q4 domestic overall ore supply tends to be loose, domestic and imported zinc concentrate processing fees may further rise. Under the profit revision forecast, the domestic refined zinc output showed a positive growth in the second half of the year compared with the previous year. At present, the integration of production in domestic zinc refineries has become a trend, and attention will be paid to the proportion of alloy production in refineries in the future.

While the impact on overseas refined zinc is relatively small, the impact is mainly concentrated on the 50 per cent operating rate of Cajamarquilla owned by Nexa, the brief shutdown of the HZL smelter for 2-3 weeks and the shutdown of the Skorpion smelter. Entering the second half of the year, the main increments are concentrated in the resumption of production of AZR and the expansion of production of Pernol Penoles.

Galvanizing enterprises are mainly concentrated in North China, and inventory in Tianjin is positively related to fixed asset investment in capital construction for a long time. The epidemic led to the collapse of domestic consumption in 2020, galvanizing consumption has a strong toughness, mainly supported by domestic infrastructure projects. According to the breakdown of domestic high-frequency data, excavator sales and housing construction area in the first half of the year were in the doldrums. At the end of the second quarter, with the success of domestic epidemic prevention and control, various high-frequency indicators began to show signs of stabilizing. If the automobile production and sales data are slightly repaired, the domestic demand for the three major household appliances has a strong toughness, but the operating rate of semi-steel tires is still low.

Looking ahead, SMM believes that zinc prices may continue to be revised upwards as consumption recovers and global currencies release water.

[lead and Zinc Summit] oversupply of SMM: mines, narrowing consumption recovery, superimposed global currency zinc discharge price may continue to be revised.

He Pengyu, Chairman of Ganzhou good Friends Technology Co., Ltd.

Application of X-ray intelligent concentrator in the field of ore pre-separation and abandonment

At present, metal and non-metal mines are facing the current situation of increasing dilution. The easy mining orebody is few, the mining is difficult, and the mining dilution rate is high, which increases the energy consumption and material consumption of the subsequent crushing, grinding and separation processes, resulting in high production costs. If the surrounding rock or waste rock mixed in the ore can be thrown away as soon as possible before fine crushing and grinding, it will greatly reduce consumption, increase production capacity, reduce cost and increase efficiency for enterprises.

Ore sorting technology is a physical separation method which can separate ore and waste rock by identifying ore one by one and relying on external force according to the differences of physical characteristics which are easy to be detected reflected by different related components in the ore.

The economic benefits of ore sorting technology include the following aspects:

1. Direct economic benefits

(1) to improve the ore grade;

(2) to reduce the cost of subsequent crushing, grinding and mineral processing;

(3) reduce the discharge of tailings and save the cost of tailings treatment;

(4) partial pre-throwing waste stone for aggregate or sand making sales;

(5) to increase the actual production capacity of the concentrator;

2. Indirect economic benefits

(1) comprehensive utilization of waste rock resources;

(2) to reduce the mining grade and increase the amount of resources;

(3) prolonging the mining life of the mine;

(4) prolonging the service life of tailing reservoir;

3. Social benefits

(1) reducing tailings discharge and mine pollution sources;

(2) saving energy and reducing consumption.

[lead and Zinc Summit] Ore sorting technology-reducing consumption, increasing production capacity, reducing cost and increasing efficiency for enterprises

Wang Anzhi, PhD, Shanghai Cross-Cool material Technology Co., Ltd.

Green Metallurgy and New Materials-the Power of the restructuring of Nonferrous Metals Industry chain

Wang Anzhi said: at present, the traditional industrial chain of non-ferrous metals has the characteristics of standardization, large scale, high energy consumption and heavy pollution, facing the complexity of raw materials: depletion and depletion of resources, and the pressure of environmental protection: the requirements of renewable energy and renewable resources. pollution-free production; the challenge of the impact of new materials and technologies on the market.

The strength of the restructuring of the non-ferrous metal industry chain includes green metallurgical technology and new materials. Green metallurgy technology mainly has the characteristics of no pollution, short process and interdisciplinary. The following technologies have been industrialized: vacuum metallurgy; microwave metallurgy; biological metallurgy, short process technology including high pressure leaching technology; direct reduction technology; enhanced metallurgical technology.

New materials are the foundation of new civilization, and the revolution of materials brings about the progress and development of human civilization. As mankind enters the post-modern society from the modern society, materials will enter the material age and even the intelligent material era from the metal age. The typical characteristics of new materials are: Designable, platform and customized, personalized.

The new business model of non-ferrous metals mainly includes: 1. Transnational industrial chain integration: overseas processing-import-domestic processing-export 2. Industrial Internet

[lead and Zinc Summit] restructuring Power of Nonferrous Industry chain: green Metallurgy + New Materials to explore Trade opportunities

Xia Wenming, senior analyst at SMM

New capacity expansion of recycled lead releases supply or enters a new cycle

After the resumption of the overseas economy, lead consumption has gradually picked up, and lun lead stocks have declined continuously since June, falling by more than 13000 tons as of July 20. At the same time, port transportation is relaxed, mines such as Peru resume work, imported mines tend to be relaxed, and TC heads up. In terms of primary lead, the cumulative production of primary lead in the first half of 2020 was 1.5 million tons as of June, up 1.2% from the same period last year. This plate is the one least affected by the epidemic environment.

Production characteristics of recycled lead enterprises-profit-oriented, recycled lead profits were gradually repaired in mid-March, new capacity expansion was gradually put into operation, and recycled lead production climbed in the second quarter, but there was a lack of production and marketing in the first quarter. The output of recycled lead in the first half of 2020 was 960000 tons, a negative increase of 5.4% over the same period last year.

According to the estimation of the replacement cycle of all kinds of lead batteries, the number of waste batteries will reach 480-5 million tons in 2020, the growth rate will slow down compared with the previous year, and the amount of waste batteries will control the rhythm of regenerated lead energy release to a certain extent. Overall, under the background of the epidemic, the global supply and demand of lead has declined, but the tone of surplus continues throughout the year, and Q3-Q4 looks forward to a recovery in consumption.

To sum up, the arrival of the peak consumption season in the third quarter has become a key factor in the subsequent rise in lead prices, while the addition of recycled lead will continue to interfere with the pace of lead price increases in stages, and the environmental protection factor in previous years has become a marginal factor.

[lead and Zinc Summit] lead City under the SMM: War-expected to remain surplus throughout the year and hope to recover consumption in the second half of the year

Ma Hongjian, Chairman of Yunnan Zhenxing Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

The practice of unpredicted lead Price Analysis-looking for the main contradiction and fragility of lead Market

First of all, the general methods of lead price analysis and prediction are mainly induction and deduction, each of which has its own defects, one will make you look higher when you rise and lower when you fall; the other will make you unable to deduce a deterministic price direction from contradictory market information.

Secondly, through the analysis of market data, we can find the place where the market conflict is the most violent, that is, the market is the most fragile and easy to change, and the adaptive characteristics of the market will promote the return of extreme data to equilibrium. Once the direction of market environment change is determined, the direction of price change will be determined.

Finally, I think that the observation of the market environment takes precedence over the prediction of the price direction, improving our vision of the market, and wearing magnifying glasses and binoculars can help us to judge the price trend.

[lead and Zinc Summit] look for the main contradictions and vulnerabilities of the lead market

Zhu Beiping, General Manager of Yunxi Wenshan Zinc Indium smelting Co., Ltd.

Utilization and demonstration of hematite process in zinc smelting and solid waste utilization

Zhu Beiping said that according to data, China has identified zinc reserves of 180 million tons in 2019, global zinc production of 13.75 million tons, China's output of 6.12 million tons, accounting for 44.51 percent of global production; domestic zinc ingot consumption of 6.693 million tons, accounting for 48.12 percent of global zinc consumption of 13.907 million tons.

The annual output of non-ferrous metal smelting is about 50 million tons, while there are many kinds and large amount of solid waste in zinc smelting, including leaching slag, kiln slag, jarosite slag, goethite slag, sulfur slag and so on. Since 2018, the annual solid waste output of zinc smelting in China has reached more than 3 million tons.

However, the disadvantages of zinc smelting and solid waste utilization include low recovery rate of valuable metals, high energy consumption, large dust, continued production of solid waste, high cost, which is contrary to the policies of energy saving, emission reduction and low-carbon economy.

The advantage of hematite process in solid waste resource utilization is that SO2 reduction leaching realizes the complete separation of iron from zinc, indium, copper and other valuable metals in leaching slag; iron precipitation of hematite separates iron from zinc, indium, copper and other valuable metals in solution, and 56% hematite fine powder containing iron is obtained and sold to cement plants to achieve resource utilization. For example, in 1972, the Akita Iijima smelter in Japan realized the industrial application of hematite process in wet zinc smelting for the first time. After years of process optimization, the production scale of 210000 tons of zinc per year, and the implementation of strict technical blockade.

The bottleneck of hematite process application mainly includes two aspects: 1. Technical blockade of process and equipment. The key technologies and equipment of SO2 reduction leaching and hematite iron precipitation are only mastered in a small number of foreign enterprises, and there is no precedent for industrial application in China; high pressure equipment and core technology need to be independently developed, which is difficult, risky and expensive.

2. The difficulty of industrial application. A number of domestic scientific research institutions and enterprises have carried out hematite process research and pilot tests one after another, but they have not been applied industrially due to various reasons.

[lead and Zinc Summit] Hematite process-the best choice for the reduction of solid waste from zinc smelting and the new technology of resource utilization

Speakers and topics of the lead Division venue are as follows:

He Yi, Ph.D., solid waste and Chemicals Management Technology Center, Ministry of Ecology and Environment: interpretation of solid waste Law: analysis of the current situation of Hazardous waste Environmental Management

Guo Zhigang, Executive Vice President and Professor of Research Institute of Tianneng Group: lead Battery Market and Technical Analysis

Kong Qingbo, Deputy General Manager of Hubei Jinyang Metallurgical Co., Ltd.: study on the effect of Regeneration Fire Refining process on the quality of refined lead

Zhu Wenlong, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang Chaowei waste Battery Recycling Co., Ltd.: analysis of current situation and discussion on recycling mode of waste lead-acid batteries

Speakers at the zinc sub-venue and the topics of the speech are as follows:

Long Shuang, Deputy General Manager of Zhuzhou smelting Group Co., Ltd.: high-quality development of zinc smelting, intelligent manufacturing and construction of new Zhuzhou smelter

Wei Linkui, Deputy Chief engineer of Yunnan Xiangyun Feilong Regeneration Technology Co., Ltd.: application of extraction Technology in Comprehensive recovery of Zinc Secondary Resources

Zhou Jianlin, General Manager of Hunan Zhuye Torch New material Co., Ltd.: the change of Market pattern under the trend of Zinc Alloy Integration in smelter

Zhang Wu, chief engineer of Xinlian Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.: development and application of the whole process technology for resource treatment of solid and hazardous wastes containing heavy metals

Round table interview

At the meeting, SMM invited Yang Wei, Vice Minister of Management of Zhuzhou smelting Group Co., Ltd., Zhu Jun, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Maoyuan Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhang Shu, Nonferrous Director of Yuandasheng Water Resources Co., Ltd., and Zhang Xin, Director of Nonferrous Research Institute of Dongling Group Nonferrous Co., Ltd., to discuss the future price trend of lead and zinc as well as the opportunities and challenges for the development of the industry.

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Enterprise visit

At the end of this meeting, SMM specially organized the guests to visit Hunan Zhuye Torch New material Co., Ltd., and learned about the company's advanced production technology on the spot.

So far, this summit has come to a successful conclusion. Thank you for your attention and support to SMM. Let's get together again at the next summit.

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