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[small Metal Summit] Development of ITO targets and downstream applications
Jul 24,2020 10:31CST
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SMM7 March 24: today, at the "2020 small Metal Industry Summit" hosted by SMM, Huang Xinying, General Manager of sales and Business Development of pilot thin Film Materials (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., brought a speech with the theme of "Development of ITO targets and downstream applications", mainly from the market application of ITO targets, the progress of downstream applications of ITO targets, and the development trend of target market.

Market Application of ITO Target


Comparison between ITO Planar Target and Rotary Target

Specification requirements for targets in downstream applications

1. Strength: high mechanical strength, good toughness, high density

2. Composition: conventional SnO2 of In2O3:10% with a mass fraction of 90% (can also be 95Unix, 93ax 7, 97max 3, etc.)

3. Density: relative density greater than 99.7%

4. Purity 99.99% (4N): impurity concentration less than 0.5/10000

5. Size specification G2.5-G13

6. High uniformity of composition

7. The binding rate is more than 97%.

8. Batch stability is good

Progress in downstream Application of ITO targets

Layout of global panel production line

In 2022, there are 33 over G8 in the world, of which 7 are G8.6 and 6 are G10 and above.

Among them, the number of high-generation panel production lines (G8.5/8.6&G10.5) completed in the mainland will reach 22.

Development trend of HJT heterojunction solar cells

ITRPV2018 predicts that the market share of HJT batteries will reach 10% in 2022, reaching 14.4GW/ year, and 15% in 2028, reaching 52GW/ year. The demand for ITO targets will increase by 800t / year.

From 2017, the average growth rate of the HJT battery market over the next decade is 122%.

Market estimation of Global ITO Target demand

The growth rate of global ITO target demand from 2019 to 2021 is estimated to be 5% and 8%.

With an average growth rate of more than 15%, mainland China is about to overtake South Korea to become the largest country in ITO demand.

New applications of HJT solar cells, smart glass and other products bring new demand.

The demand of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan panel industry gradually slows down, and even shows negative growth.

Development trend of target market

Develop IGZO, IGTO,Ln-IZO oxide targets for 4k/8k ultra-high definition display.

On March 1, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio and Television and the Central Radio and Television General Station issued the Action Plan for the Development of Ultra High definition Video Industry (2019-2022). The action plan clearly puts forward the overall technical route of "4K first and giving consideration to 8K", as well as the goal of achieving comprehensive popularization of 4K TVs, 200 million UHD users and 4 trillion yuan of UHD industry by 2022.

Ln-IZO target: Ln-IZO target is prepared by magnetron sputtering technology. As the (TFT) active layer of thin film transistor, it has good mobility and stability, and can meet the needs of high-end display, such as high-resolution LCD, AMOLED, electronic paper, and so on. Compared with LTPS active layer, it has the advantages of simple process, low cost, good uniformity and so on.

Lanthanide rare earth doped metal oxide (Ln-IZO) target is a new generation of TFT semiconductor channel layer material. Its advanced properties can meet the application requirements of channel layer materials for ultra-high definition display and flexible display in the future.

IZO target: composition adjustable: multiple physical and chemical properties, low temperature preparation: good plasticity, high mobility, high work function: reduce anode hole barrier and improve hole injection efficiency.

With a large number of smart phones and other electronic products on the market, indium tin targets have enhanced signals, a metal sense in the shell, and solve the problem of highlight in installation and coating through the application of conductive vacuum evaporation technology. it can replace the advantages of hydroplating of plastic parts, not only increase beauty, but also make up for the shortcomings of plastics, give new surface properties to plastic parts, and are also used in electronic appliances, automobiles, household products and so on.

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