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The operating income of Shanxi Iron and Steel Group increased by 6.3 billion yuan in the first half compared with the same
Jul 24,2020 10:26CST
Source:Shanshan Iron and Steel Group
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SMM Network News: in the first half of the year, Shansi Iron and Steel Group handed over a heavy report card: production and operation to achieve more than half of the time, more than half of the task, operating income increased by 6.3 billion yuan over the same period last year, the profit level is basically the same as the same period last year.

Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the unprecedented impact on production and operation brought by the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, Shansi Iron and Steel Group has thoroughly implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, the Shandong Provincial CPC Committee and the Provincial State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission, determined the development strategy of "building a safe and efficient steel industry ecosystem and building a new benchmark for the development of green and intelligent industries," and formulated a new round of "three-year Action Plan for the conversion of New and Old Kinetic Energy." It clearly defines the three major task goals of "marching into the top 500 in the world, making an annual profit of more than 10 billion, and transforming into a high-tech enterprise" in the next three years. In accordance with the established reform plan of the "1336-year Plan" (13 key tasks and 36 important measures) and annual task goals, Laibo Anchor chain and Financial Control International Trade of Laibo Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. have successfully implemented mixed reforms. The first professional manager team was born in Shanxi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and comprehensively implemented the board chairman responsibility system and manager contractual management of the second-level company, and the contractual coverage rate of managers of the third-tier company reached 78%. As a whole, we should do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and economic operation, respond to "changes" in order to be "stable", adjust measures to the times and deal with them in an orderly manner, achieving a hard grasp of both hands, operating performance against the trend, and gradient growth in operating income, total profits, and return-to-home net profit. The second quarter is obviously better than the first quarter.

The driving force of superior industries is strong. As the main business of Shanxi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., the iron and steel plate sets up the ultimate mode of thinking and accurately taps the potential to increase efficiency In the first half of the year, 14.27 million tons of iron, 15.12 million tons of crude steel and 14.71 million tons of steel were produced, an increase of 14.86%, 16.78% and 19.65% respectively over the same period last year. Among them, the output of Rizhao Company, which completed the first phase of the project last year, increased greatly compared with the same period last year, and the advantages of the layout of the coast began to appear. Shanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. promotes the "five-in-one" coordination mechanism of customer-led, talent-supported, efficient operation of marketing, production, and research and development, and vigorously improves the level of essential operation. The products have once again entered the Russian Arctic LNG project, and successfully supplied the Canadian LNG project, the national nuclear power demonstration project and the high-end markets such as automobiles and household appliances. In addition, the financial sector has risen. On June 3, Sino-Thai Securities, which had been cultivated for 17 years, was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the shares of Shansi Iron and Steel Group accounted for 46.38%. At present, Shanshan Iron and Steel Group has a company listed on the main board in iron and steel, mining and securities, and the level of asset securitization has been greatly improved, which is in the forefront of Shandong Province.

An effective breakthrough in institutional supply. According to the orientation of the reconstruction of the state-owned capital investment company, optimize the system supply. In the first half of the year, more than 40 systems represented by the "Safety Director Management measures" and "Regional Collaborative Operation Safety Management regulations" were introduced centrally, involving a wide scope, touching the depth of interests, and promoting more vigorously than ever before. Shanxi Iron and Steel Group has made phased progress in the preparation of the development plan of the 14th five-year Plan. The research on the reform of the system and mechanism of grand supervision is mature, and the "trinity" supervision system of inner-party supervision, administrative supervision and mass supervision has been initially established.

The prevention and control of the epidemic situation has been actively improved. With a high sense of political responsibility, we will resolutely implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the work requirements of our superiors, establish a working mechanism, implement the work plan for joint prevention and control, and analyze and judge the epidemic situation in a timely manner. improved the ability of crisis management. We have the courage to take responsibility in times of crisis, and it is safe and efficient to resume work and production. By the end of June, all 82 units owned by the group at or above the third level have resumed work and production, and the rate of employees returning to work is nearly 100%. Subordinate to serving the overall situation, more than 3000 tons of high-quality steel were produced as quickly as possible during the Spring Festival holiday to assist the construction of the Wuhan "Fire God Mountain" and "Raytheon Mountain" project. in February, when the epidemic was most tight, a total of more than 5000 tons of steel were promptly supplied to the front line of epidemic prevention and control through the production "green channel". More than 40,000 employees of the group actively donated more than 15 million yuan to fight the epidemic, and eight medical staff responded positively to the party's call to move forward bravely to assist Hubei in the fight against the "epidemic." Party members and leading cadres at all levels and the broad masses of workers have made selfless contributions, and an endless stream of advanced collectives and individuals have emerged. At a time of national crisis, Shangang fully demonstrated the overall awareness and responsibility of state-owned enterprises.

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