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[live broadcast of the Summit] Market Review and Future Market and Price Prospect of Bismuth, selenium, Indium, Germanium, Gallium and Antimony
Jul 24,2020 09:22CST
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On July 23rd, the "2020 small Metal Industry Summit" sponsored by SMM officially opened in Changsha, Hunan Province. Industry experts, senior "old wizards" of enterprises, and colleagues from the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain gathered at the venue to review the bismuth selenium tellurium, indium, germanium, gallium and antimony market in the first half of the year, and analyze the future development trends, challenges and opportunities of the industry.

The meeting was divided into "Antimony Sub-venue" and "Bismuth selenium, Tellurium, Indium, Germanium and Gallium Sub-venue". The meeting arranged "Antimony Price Council Licensing ceremony", "Bismuth Price Council Licensing ceremony", guest keynote speeches and round-table interviews. Please pay attention to the live text broadcast of this meeting.


[antimony separation venue]

Antimony Price Council Licensing ceremony


Guest speaker

The topics of the speech at the antimony sub-meeting included: how far the bull market of precious metals will challenge the all-time high in the second half of 2020 and investment suggestions, epidemic factors significantly affect antimony production in the third quarter waiting for antimony market Liuyin Huaming, Lengshuijiang antimony industry status and future development ideas, performance and cost advantages-the application trend of antimony glycol antimony will be wider and wider, and the challenges and opportunities faced by antimony flame retardants.

Speakers included Han Jie, senior analyst of Zhishui investment management and consulting team, Huang Di, small precious metals analyst of Shanghai Nonferrous Network Information Technology Co., Ltd., Duan Pingping, member of the standing Committee of the CPC Lengshuijiang Municipal Committee / Secretary of political and Law Commission / person in charge of the Lengshuijiang antimony industry chain, Deng Chuanyong, general manager of the Shanghai Branch of Yunnan Muli Antimony Industry Co., Ltd., Li Xiangmei, Associate Professor, School of Materials, Beijing Institute of Technology and Secretary-General of the Flame retardant Special Committee of the Chinese military Engineering Society.

Round table interview

The enterprises participating in this round table interview are Minmetals rare Earth, Guizhou Minmetals, Huaxing Antimony Industry, Samsung Antimony products, Lengjiang Antimony Association and so on.

[bismuth selenium tellurium indium germanium gallium branch venue]

Bismuth Price Council awarding ceremony


Guest speaker

The market of indium, germanium, gallium, bismuth, selenium and tellurium is at a low ebb for half a year, can there be "

Speaker: Hu Yan, small Metal analyst, Shanghai Nonferrous Network Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Development of ITO targets and downstream applications

Huang Xinying, General Manager of sales and Business Development of pilot Film Materials Co., Ltd.

General situation of Global Germanium Industry

Speaker: Huo Chengsong, General Manager of Youyan Optoelectronic New Materials Co., Ltd.

Present situation and Development Prospect of Organic Bismuth compounds

Speaker: Wu Manshe, Chief engineer of Xingping Yuehua Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.

A brief talk on the understanding and Exchange of domestic selenium Industry in recent years

Speaker: Yang Wenlong, Marketing Director of Yunnan Copper Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Influence of epidemic situation on selenium, bismuth and tellurium industry

Speaker: Wu Shijun, President of Guixi Da Sanyuan Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.

Application and Development of Gallium in Semiconductor Industry

Speaker Xiong Tian, Strategic Resources and Business Development Manager,: Neo Performance Materials

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