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[award ceremony] the final list of winners at the Zinc Star Cup Zinc processing material Outstanding Enterprise Award ceremony was announced.
Jul 23,2020 11:21CST
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SMM7 March 23: the fundamentals of China's manufacturing industry at the end of 2019, under the influence of external forces-trade frictions, internal forces-macroeconomic growth decline, China's manufacturing industry showed a strong resilience, the overall stabilization and recovery. However, the new crown epidemic brought super black swans in 2020. On the one hand, zinc processing enterprises lagged behind in short-term production due to delays in resuming work, deceleration of circulation and other reasons. On the other hand, the impact of consumption, services, import and export has spread to the manufacturing industry, and some orders have declined compared with the same period last year. Finally, due to the resonance of many factors, such as frequent macro events and negative expectations of fundamentals, zinc prices have reached a new low in recent years. Market sentiment is pessimistic, and processing enterprises are facing greater challenges and opportunities.

China is striving to realize the transformation of its economy from rapid growth to high-quality development, stepping up efforts to build a modern economic system, promoting the construction of a manufacturing power, and giving priority to the development of advanced manufacturing, while 2020 is also the last year of the 13th five-year Plan. 2020 will be a key year to promote the high-quality development of advanced manufacturing in all directions.

In order to further promote the sustained, healthy and harmonious development of the zinc processing industry, a number of excellent industrial chain production enterprises are selected to improve the core competition and accelerate the development of the industry. At the 15th lead and Zinc Summit in 2020 held by SMM, Shanghai Nonferrous Network held the "Zinc Star Cup" award ceremony for outstanding enterprises of zinc processing materials. After layers of screening, a total of 25 enterprises were commended. The specific winners are as follows:

Award list

Shenzhen Shengke Alloy Co., Ltd.

Anhui Tongguan Nonferrous Metals (Chizhou) Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe Group Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Zinc Jun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hunan Xinweiling Metal New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

Weifang Longda Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.

Hebei Yuanda Zhongzheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Hebei Shenglong galvanizing Co., Ltd.

Guizhou Mingfeng Industrial waste Comprehensive recovery and reuse Co., Ltd.

Qingyuan Hongda Metal Co., Ltd.

Maitreya Zinc Xin Nonferrous Metallurgical Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Litai Zinc material Co., Ltd.

Xichou Xintai Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Chihong Resources Comprehensive Utilization Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Shengkai Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Guoqiang galvanizing Industry Co., Ltd.

Hunan Chuanglin New material Technology Co., Ltd.

Weifang Aolong Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Shengrong Metal material Co., Ltd.

Baoding Aoqisheng New Metal material Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Shenlong Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.

Foshan Guiyuan Zinc Alloy material Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Huali Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.

Shandong Xingyuan Zinc Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingyuan County Juncheng Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.

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