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Successful delivery of large luxury aluminum alloy catamaran high-speed passenger ship
Jul 23,2020 09:54CST
Source:China Nonferrous Metals Daily
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SMM: July 13, by Jianglong boat's joint venture brand-Aolong Boat Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Aolong boat"), China's first 70-meter class, 1200-seat large luxury aluminum alloy high-speed passenger ship "Beiyou 26" was successfully delivered.

"Journey to the North 26" is designed with a total length of 70.6m, a width of 17m, a maximum speed of 34 knots (55.8km / h) and a capacity of 1200 passengers. It has set a number of records for the construction of luxury aluminum alloy high-speed passenger ships with the largest main scale, the highest number of passengers, the fastest speed under the same number of passengers and the highest wind resistance in China.

The cabin of this luxury passenger ship is divided into three floors, the first floor is ordinary warehouse, the second floor is deluxe warehouse, and there are private rooms on the third floor. At the same time, the passenger ship is also equipped with mother-and-baby room, charging area, and is currently the first aluminum alloy high-speed passenger ship equipped with high-end leather massage seats and pet rooms.

After delivery and operation, "Journey to the North 26" will serve the "Beihai-Weizhou Island" maritime tourism route, which is known as "Bali Island of China". Li Xiaofei, president of the owner Xinyi Holdings Co., Ltd., said that although affected by the new crown epidemic, the ship was still able to deliver on time, and the parameters exceeded the original design requirements, proving the technical capability of the Australian dragon boat. She said that the passenger ship will improve the traffic appearance of the route when it is put into use.

Large aluminum alloy high-speed passenger ship is one of the ship types that are difficult to design and build in shipbuilding industry, and its construction level can even directly reflect the industry construction level of a country. In this regard, Wang Guangrong, general manager of Aolong boat, said that "Beiyou 26" is currently the largest aluminum alloy high-speed passenger ship built in China. Advanced technologies, including computational fluid dynamics analysis, finite element structural analysis, wave resistance analysis, structural fatigue strength analysis, aluminum test analysis and other advanced technologies are adopted to overcome many bottlenecks in ship form design and structural strength of domestic large aluminum alloy high-speed passenger ships. The construction task of the ship is well completed, which ensures the scientific and advanced nature of the ship.

Shen Hui, technical director of Australian Dragon Boat, said that "Beiyou 26" draws lessons from the advanced experience of Austal, the largest Australian shipping company, in the design of large high-speed craft, and adopts high-depth design, which can effectively avoid the harmful impact of waves on the ship, so that the ship can maintain normal navigation in harsh sea conditions with strong winds of force 7 and waves of 3 meters. The motion range of the ship is small, and the possibility of getting on the waves is low, which reduces the possibility of damage to the important machinery and equipment on the ship, reduces the stress response of the hull structure, and fully ensures the safety of the whole life cycle of the ship. Compared with similar domestic passenger ships, "Beiyou 26" has better alignment, faster speed and lower vibration noise, especially the drag reduction in wind and waves is better than that of the same type of ship by more than 8%, which can improve the fuel economy and navigation speed of the ship.

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