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[live broadcast of lead and Zinc Summit] gathered in Changsha to work together with "Zinc" to share the posture of "lead".
Jul 23,2020 08:19CST
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On July 23, industry bigwigs, elites and colleagues from upstream and downstream of lead-zinc small-metal industry chain gathered at Mandarin Hotel of R & F Wanda in Changsha to witness the opening of "2020 (15th) lead-Zinc Summit" and "2020 small Metal Industry Summit" to discuss the development prospects and opportunities of the industry in the future.

The highlights of the "2020 (15th) lead and Zinc Summit" include the China lead and Zinc Price Council, the zinc industry selection and award ceremony, visits to famous enterprises, supply and demand negotiations, and so on. The highlights of the "2020 small Metal Industry Summit" include the award of antimony and bismuth price council, the signing of small metal price bidding units, and the follow-up signing of Pan-Asia.

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Special press conference


Introduction of third-party special audit and independent authentication in "IOSCO benchmark principles"


Award ceremony


Famous enterprises negotiate supply and demand exchanges


Opening of the conference & speech


Distinguished speakers:

Li Daisheng, senior analyst at Shanghai Nonferrous Network

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has led to changes in the supply at the mine end. What is the operation logic of the zinc market?


Zuo Haoen, analyst of Planning and Development Section of Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.

Production situation and future development trend of zinc mines in 2020


He Pengyu, Chairman of Ganzhou good Friends Technology Co., Ltd.

Application of X-ray intelligent concentrator in the field of ore pre-separation and abandonment


Wang Anzhi, PhD, Shanghai Cross-Cool material Technology Co., Ltd.

Green Metallurgy and New Materials-the Power of the restructuring of Nonferrous Metals Industry chain


Xia Wenming, senior analyst at Shanghai Nonferrous Network

Recycled lead new expansion capacity release, supply or enter a new cycle


Ma Hongjian, Chairman of Yunnan Zhenxing Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

The practice of unpredicted lead Price Analysis-looking for the main contradiction and fragility of lead Market


Round table interview


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