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The two major international forums have joined forces. This year's forum is coming!
Jul 20,2020 17:27CST
Source:China International Forum on Automotive Materials
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China Automotive Ecology International Forum and China Automotive Materials International Forum have been held for nearly eight years since their establishment, and their industry and social influence have been continuously expanding. now it has developed into an international automobile industry exchange event integrating authoritative interpretation of policy, closed-door summit of senior leaders, sharing of advanced technology and experience, investment negotiation and cooperation and exchange, playing an important role as a "weather vane for the green development of the automotive industry".

At present, under the influence of the epidemic of Xinguan pneumonia, the downward pressure on the automobile industry is further increased. Opening up the upstream and downstream industries of the automobile industry chain, adopting a series of latest scientific and technological achievements such as green raw materials, clean energy, and low-carbon technology, from the whole life cycle stages of raw material procurement, design, research and development, production and manufacturing, upgrading the green development level and energy level of enterprises, cultivating and building the material industry ecosystem and building a solid ecological automobile green brand will become the key for the current automobile enterprises to break the situation. To this end, this year's China Automotive Ecology International Forum and China Automotive Materials International Forum will be held in Tianjin on July 29-30, 2020 to build a communication and cooperation platform for all parties in the automotive industry chain to jointly seek the road of green and high-quality development of the automobile industry.

At that time, the main forum will focus on the development environment and strategy of automobile industry, the construction of green manufacturing system, the low-carbon and healthy development of the industry, etc., with the theme of "Green Development of Automobile Industry". Government leaders and industry experts are invited to interpret the latest policies and technological trends, pulse the development trend of the automobile industry, promote collaborative innovation among enterprises, and promote the green development of the whole automobile industry chain.

In addition, during the Forum, the Evaluation Center for Energy Saving and Green Development of the Automotive Industry (hereinafter referred to as "the Evaluation Center") will release the 2020 research results of China's Automobile low-carbon Action Plan, the results of the 2019 selection of green benchmarking enterprises and green low-VOCS materials enterprises, as well as the market research report on the anti-corrosion quality of China's automotive products. In particular, in order to implement the "two mountains" theory and promote the green and high-quality development of the automobile industry, the evaluation center will also launch the launching ceremony of the China Ecological Automobile Purchasing Initiative during the forum and invite all parties to sign the eco-car procurement proposal. aimed at promoting a green lifestyle and consumption patterns, look forward to your participation!

Here, we sincerely invite automobile industry organizations, enterprises, scientific research institutes and other strong support, share the latest achievements of the green and low-carbon development of the automotive industry, and explore hot topics such as healthy and intelligent cockpit, lightweight, painting and anticorrosion, etc. discuss the development prospect of automobile multi-field integration and innovation.

Contact information of the meeting group

Yun Yang: 022mur84379799Mur2803 Twit18694274830

Chen Xiao: 022muri 84379799Mutual 2823bomber 15822601830

Liu Ruiming: 022mur84379799 Mutual 2809bomber 18222285825

Zhao Zhenjia: 022mur84379799 Muhammad 2820bomber 16600269431

Ren Kaixu: 022mur84379799Mutual 2842mitt18222287175

Wang Lixin: 022mur84379799 Mutual 2739 Tory 18102025937

Che Shanyuan: 022mur84379763 investors 17611586650

Zhang Jin: 022muri 84379189 Ten 15022655936

Mailbox: amass@catarc.ac.cn

Registration method

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