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Northeast Special Steel Co., Ltd. to strengthen the adjustment of production and marketing structure and operation to achieve counter-trend growth.
Jul 20,2020 13:31CST
Source:Shagang Group
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SMM: in view of the impact of the new crown epidemic, in the context of the overall decline in the iron and steel industry, Northeast Special Steel closely combined with the current market situation, actively adjust the business strategy, constantly strengthen the production and marketing structure and variety structure adjustment, go all out to expand and strengthen high-end products, the production and marketing of key varieties to achieve adverse growth, profitability continues to enhance, in the face of adversity to seek new breakthroughs.

First, brand strategy grasps hot spots and precision marketing.

In order to build the lasting competitiveness of enterprises, we must adjust the product structure in time according to the changes in the market, and enlarge and strengthen the leading products with the influence of the industry. Since the beginning of the year, in the face of the impact of the epidemic and the increasing downward pressure on the market, Northeast Special Steel has accurately studied and judged the market situation, paid close attention to the actual needs of customers, adjusted its management strategy in time, and put forward the working idea of "taking innovation as the guide, focusing on the adjustment and optimization of production and marketing structure, and focusing on the development of high-end and high value-added products." Internally, we should systematically sort out the layout of production lines and existing varieties, make great efforts to cut off conventional varieties that have scale but no benefits, give full play to the advantages of profitable production lines, and greatly increase the proportion of key varieties; externally, we should be close to the market and customers, pay close attention to the optimization of single structure, and vigorously develop varieties of steel and high value-added products.

Northeast Special Steel revolves around strategic adjustment ideas, sales system and technical system work together, around stainless steel, die steel, automobile steel, bearing steel, spring steel, superalloy, high strength steel, titanium alloy, precision alloy and other nine key varieties, relying on precision technology marketing, according to the variety research and deployment of market positioning and sales strategy, vigorously develop the market. At the same time, the company increases the frequency of going to the market and visiting users, deeply understands the needs of downstream and end users, responds quickly and accurately, and grabs orders for high-end products. Through the collection of market information, we know that the market is in urgent need of die steel DC53, D2 and plastic die steel DL166H for mask production equipment, which are all high-end die steel. DL166H is mainly used for the use of mask moulds, the steel process requirements are very strict, the size requirements are very precise, the production operation is difficult, especially the surface quality is not easy to control. DC53 and D2 are used to make round cutter hob dies, which are the key materials on the KN95 mask processing line, known as the mask machine "magic roll". At present, only a few special steel enterprises in China have the production capacity, and Northeast Special Steel has mastered the core production technology of this kind of die steel and can achieve stable supply.

In order to quickly deal with this hot spot of the market, Northeast Special Steel actively contacted customers to strive for cooperation opportunities, and through unremitting efforts, they got back orders one after another in March. In view of this, the production line immediately prepared materials, the company opened up a green production channel, and stepped up production organization to meet the urgent needs of users. After the joint efforts of the company, the contract was delivered to users that month, creating a new record for the production speed and output of this kind of steel in recent years. The rapid delivery of "mask steel" has established the confidence of customers to strengthen cooperation, thus forming a more stable supply relationship and increasing the order quantity. Orders for plastic die steel DL166H have increased from 3000 tons per month to about 6000 tons at present.

On this basis, Northeast Special Steel also vigorously develops strategic key users with brand advantages to expand and strengthen the high-end market. For example, the tool steel of Northeast Special Steel Fushun Company has firmly occupied the "C position" of the domestic tool and die steel brand, and has become the preferred brand of domestic tool and die steel. in order to further highlight its own advantages, in 2020, the company will focus on die-casting die steel instead of imports, 5G communication equipment mold steel, blade industry with finishing rolled flat steel three major projects, continue to enhance the market position and influence. In terms of marketing strategies and methods, Northeast Special Steel has actively tried to dock with new customers and conducted multi-level consultations and exchanges with many foreign customers in the form of network video conferences. in rail transit, high-strength bolts, nuclear power and other areas to make progress or provide test materials to further enhance the market supply capacity.

Second, customer first, optimize production and win trust.

The increment of key varieties is both an opportunity and a challenge. The products with long production cycle and complex process will bring great challenges to the production organization. Northeast Special Steel has always adhered to the concept of "customer first", to meet the needs of users as the guidance, to ensure the delivery of the contract.

Monthly production, the company to high-end varieties as the main line of planning, organization of production, technology, quality and other systems to give strong support. Through the effective measures such as optimizing the technological process, improving the connection quality of the process, strictly controlling the energy consumption, the cost of the pressure drop process, and carrying out the improvement of the finished product rate, the operation of each line with low cost and high efficiency is effectively guaranteed. Especially in the face of the key materials urgently needed by users, under the circumstances of tight time and heavy tasks, Northeast Special Steel actively overcome difficulties, meticulously organized and coordinated, opened up green channels for priority production and storage, at the same time production, quality system and sales system to carry out production and marketing linkage to ensure high-quality delivery of the contract, won the praise and trust of users.

In May, Northeast Special Steel received an emergency demand plan from China Aviation Industry supply and Marketing Co., Ltd., which is in urgent need of four types of special steel wire materials. I hope Northeast Special Steel can give support and help. The temporary task will break the normal production rhythm and bring some difficulties to the production organization, but the Northeast Special Steel gives an affirmative answer decisively and undertakes the production task. The company attaches great importance to this, coordination of various functional departments, from the raw material organization, production arrangements, personnel deployment, equipment reasonable production and other aspects of overall deployment, to provide a strong guarantee for smooth production. In order to grasp the production progress, the company actively organizes, involving personnel to work overtime actively, from production, follow-up inspection into storage, and then to arranging out of storage and delivery, all links and processes work together under the premise of fully ensuring quality, the production of materials urgently needed by users is completed in the shortest possible time, which provides a strong guarantee for the smooth completion of the production and scientific research task of AVIC. To this end, China Aviation Industry Corporation specially sent a "thank-you letter" to sincerely thank Northeast Special Steel for its strong support.

In the critical period of anti-epidemic, Northeast Special Steel takes "making good steel and producing high-quality products" as the top priority of production, ensuring quality and quantity to supply goods on schedule, meeting the needs of users and winning the trust of users. In June, Northeast Special Steel also received "thank-you letters" from China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Northwest Industrial Group Co., Ltd., and Shanghai No.1 Machine tool Factory Co., Ltd., sincerely thanking Northeast Special Steel for providing high-quality special steel materials during the special period of fighting the epidemic, and making positive contributions to China's national defense and nuclear power construction.

Northeast Special Steel takes "special steel more special, excellent special combination" as the management and development concept, unswervingly do a good job in the R & D and production of high-quality special steel, actively adjust the production and marketing structure, vigorously develop key varieties, and under the influence of many unfavorable factors such as the new crown epidemic, to achieve epidemic prevention and control, production and management "two-handed grasp, two-handed hard", the operation of the company shows a good development situation against the trend, condensing a strong endogenous driving force for vigorous development.

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